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  1. so i just started this game...

    fuck shoulda known id pretty much need a keyboard for it on the 360. oh well.

    anywho, quick questions...

    how do i register the other worlds ? rise, treasure, and chains...
    any order for which comes firsT ?

    also do i start on these worlds to begin the game after i have a basic understanding of it ?

    whats the first things i should do in the game as soon as i get my character chosen ?

    thanks.... i know this is super noob
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    The order you register the expansions probably won't matter, but just for timeline of releases: Rise of the Zilart, Chains of Promathia (CoP), and then Treasure of Aht Urghan (ToAU).

    After you create your character, I think you choose the nation you're going to start in. Any race can start in any of the three starting cities, but specific races get a decent stat ring (good until about level 14 or so) for starting in that race's "main" city:

    Elvaan -> San d'Oria
    Taru & Mithra -> Windurst
    Hume & Galka -> Bastok

    There is a ton of stuff you can read about the game, but I'm not too familiar with any good starter guides, and I'd probably drown you in details. I will say if you decide to start as a melee job, start as a MNK and get to 18 with it; if mage, probably WHM or RDM. And RDM isn't the melee magic user like starter info might make it sound like.

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