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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Mac, Mar 15, 2006.

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    Jan 19, 2006
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    how do i enable filesharing between 1 XP home pc and 1 XP pro pc on a D-Link DI-604 having one folder on each comp that can be accessed by the other
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    First make sure both computers are in the same workgroup.
    Go to control panel>system>computer name>click change and enter a workgroup name.

    Do the same to the other computer.

    Then go to the folder you want to share, right click and go to properties.
    Click the sharing tab and click share this folder on the network.

    Then just enter the IP of the computer that you want to access (like or go to my computer, on the left under other places click my network places on the left again click view workgroup computers and you should then see the comps. click on the one you want and you should see the folders.

    If this fails then use the home network wizard in the control panel.
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    You can also access a networked computer by typing two backslashes, followed by the computer's name, into Start => Run or the Address Bar in My Computer. You don't need to know what workgroup the computer is in for this to work, though there's no reason for computers on a private network to be in different workgroups anyway.

    So, something like this..."\\bobzmachine"...will send you to the listing of shared files on the computer named "bobzmachine", no matter if it's in your computer's workgroup or not.

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