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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by PostWhore, Sep 3, 2004.

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    So i need some tips. Pump, how much is enough? How long should I do it each day? Should it be very painful at the base? It is. The rest of it is ok, I mean it feels stretched on the shaft, but its not painful. However the suction at the base hurts after a few minutes. Should it be significantly bigger after it comes out the 1st couple times? Mines not. Go back to normal hard, but its fatter when its limp. No change at full erect. tight? I got one that seemed pretty tight while lookin at it, but it doesnt seem to hold the flow like most of you have said. It doesnt get mega veiny or rock rock solid. The one I bought is a ring/clit massager thing. I think Im just gonna go buy the regular rubber rings instead.
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    I've been using a pump for awhile. I've noticed a bit or girth increase more so than length. Try pumping to the point before to hurts and leave it on for about 15 minutes.

    As for the ring try a one thats a bit smaller. I've gotten better results with the kind that goes behind my balls.
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    hmmm, i tried using a cockring before with my wife and it was definitely interesting.
    i was way more engorged then normal and when i came, it was like an erupture of a jizz everywhere and my orgasm lasted longer then normal, honestly, it was like a 8 second burst of cum.
    i can't remember how tight, i bought a package that came with 3 in it.
    the small wouldn't fit flacid or erect,
    the medium would barely fit erect but was wayyyyyyy to tight and i had to pull it apart to put it on
    the large, was also very tight but i did not have any other choices
    just make sure you don't leave it on too long or else you can develop serious complications from it
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    head to, you'll find your answers there, its a site and forums dedicated to penis enlargment

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