SPORTS Finally had my first fight

The Ripper

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Dec 25, 2006
Colorado Springs, Co
I finally ended up getting a fight at a catch weight of 160 lbs. I ended up fighting a guy that was a amature boxer with a 14 -2 record. He wanted to try his hand at mma and had about 3 months of "BJJ" under his belt. I got a sloppy double leg and got him down and he pulled guard. He didnt close his guard at all so I was able to pass to side control pretty easy.

Transitioned to mount and sunk my hooks in and pulled the back of his head towards me to kill his bridge. He freaked out and wasted ALOT of his energy. The fight rolled on and I just let him wear himself out. I went for the arm bar from the mount and couldnt sink it in so I transitioned to triangle and he slipped out. I stood up and he charged in and I used another double and got him into side control and the round was over.

Round 2 started and he was alot more cautious and I started working my front kick and jab. I had range on him and he eventually countered me and dropped me and went in for the finish. When he did I pulled guard and took a few hits before I broke his posture. I then went for the arm bar couldnt get my leg over and then went for the flower sweep. I got in mount he freaked out gassed himself out and gave me his back. I went for the RNC and he used the last bit of his energy to roll. Once he rolled I went for the arm bar from the back.

It was in deep and he didnt tap I applied pressure slowly and he still didnt want to tap so I exploded up with my hips and he tapped.

I won but overall I wasnt happy. My ground game was sloppy and the only reason it worked was because he was so inexperienced. My stand up was ass and my take downs were sloppy. If this guy was at least a blue belt I would have been fucked. My conditioning was ass too. From the outside people told me I looked good but in the cage everything felt like shit.

Hitting the drawing board and definately working on conditioning hard core.


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Jun 17, 2003
Congrats :coold:

Its amazing how much more gassed you feel after fighting a round in a real fight even compared to sparring.


Don't ever give up on your dreams. Keep sleeping!
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Mar 13, 2002
Sounds like some beautiful transitions. :cool:

Congrats on the win, and show us the video :squint:
The Ripper

The Ripper

New Member
Dec 25, 2006
Colorado Springs, Co
Sounds like some beautiful transitions. :cool:

Congrats on the win, and show us the video :squint:

the event took a video of it and they didnt allow cams because they are trying to sell DVDs of it. Ill post it up as soon as I get a copy. My ground game was sloppy I knew what to do but my body wasnt reacting the way i wanted it to. I think I had an adrenaline dump right before because I was WIRED the 30 mins before the fight and when I got in I was dead tired.


Jun 29, 2003
rain street

found the vid. you guys gassed pretty bad, but nice leg kicks in the second.


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Dec 2, 2004
vancouver bc
in his post he says he finishes? Im confused they look more 180+ I love the punches that are so wild he drops himself twice :rofl:

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