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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by JesterFX, Feb 27, 2009.

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    Since a bunch of newer people are jumping into affiliate marketing and just starting to sign up for CPA ad networks I figured this could help you decide which CPA networks to start with.

    Both these sites let you find specific offers and compare the "street price" that the networks offer for that specific offer. So if you already know an offer you want to use then you can find out which network will pay the most for it.


    Keep in mind though, in most cases you are able to ask for "bumps" on your payout with any network. Some are more lenient than others and it also has a lot to do with what kind of volume you are doing. But never hurts to ask your affiliate manager for a bump regardless. You just tell them you plan to run some traffic for offer "x" and wanted to see if they could give you a bump and some will give it to you right then. Other times they may want to see you run some good traffic through first. But always ask for more. If they can't give you a bump make them tell you what kind of margin they are running so you can see if they are bullshitting you or just greedy lol. If they won't work with you then find another network that has the same offer and test it with them.

    Also, even if you get a great rate at one network you might actually make more at another network that pays out less. Various networks have their own "tracking problems" (aka scrubbing) so it's always good to test out different networks anyway. One may pay more than others but not seem to give you credit for all your leads. So just test and watch each so you know which works best...then bug the hell out of them to give you a bump lol ;). Sometimes even very small bumps in pay can mean the difference between a loser and a winner campaign.

    Make sure you are tracking your shite though so you actually know what works and what doesn't. Testing and tracking and modifying is a huge part of making money in this game ;).

    PS all my awesome referral links are ready and loaded in my PM box so feel free to PM me to get my links to sign up for any of the CPA networks :mamoru:
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    first one is pretty sweet, and the second requires registering.

    I did a quick search on the first one and it's not accurate. Says neverblue is paying $13 for Cash4gold when they're really paying $15.

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