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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by conRAD, Oct 24, 2007.

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    I had a post like this a while back, but instead of bringing it back, I'm going to bring up the same point with some different angles.

    Pretty much - what do you find is the best way to find design work? Myself, I know html, css, and flash. I have taken on major projects in the past (sadly, under nda agreements so I cant include them in a portfolio), but lately all I can seem to find are very small, low paying jobs.

    I know my problem - and that is that I still need to re-do a strong online portfolio, but I don't have much work to show in it, as any major work I have done as been under non disclosure for other designers (most of my previous work was taking designs from others, and integrating them into interactive flash sites)

    Problem #2 - no design education background. I am self taught over the last 9-10 years (been inside of flash since a copy I played around with in 7th grade in the new fancy computer arts department, im 22 now)

    Problem #3 - I am very nervous when I deal directly with a customer. Not horribly, but I have had enough bad experiences in the past, mostly recent, that I cant bring myself to just advertising and finding someone who needs work who isn't a designer.

    see, I love working for other designers. They know what they need. It seems every non-designer I get work from has 10,000 different ideas, changes their mind 20 times, and cant explain exactly what they want. As if they think web pages are magic, they tell me they want a "sweet ass site!" and I go "hell yeah dude!" and it just appears.

    Am I advertising in the wrong places? Where can I hook up with other designers who would outsource flash to me? What is the best way to get my foot in the door with a design agency?

    I check Krop all the time just to be shut out with requirements I cannot meet (I have no interest in getting an art degree), or people want a jack of all trades. I see a ton of job listings for flash that also want knowledge in php, sql and more. I can work around in PHP and SQL, I have before, but I dont know it. Should I still go for these jobs?

    Long ramble here, sorry for that - been awake for a very, very long time working on some sites to spruce up for a new portfolio.

    CLIFFS: What is your advice to help me find work???
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    i don't know about freelance but as far as getting a job my suggestion is use computerjobs.com to find opportunities in your area. Create search based on flash/ html/ css keywords. If you see a designer position that asks for php /sql / .net knowledge don't hesitate to apply for it. Usualy companies that are looking for designers have back end developers who do all the actual programming and are looking for people who know how to work around that code or implement it into the front end. Sometimes people will even train a designer to do so if the designer has taken their attention with his skills. As long as you don't have anything in your resume that is missleading you can keep on applying for those jobs and leave it to their discretion to decide if you are a good match or not. Nowadays all companies do a phone screening of all applicants prior to scheduling interviews. During this initial contact you have the chance to convince them why they should give you a chance, what skills you have and as well let them know you are willing to expand your skillset to best suite the job's needs and requirments. That would be the time where you should mention your previous work, the fact that it has been under dnd and the fact that you have had projects working around php and sql in the past.

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