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Discussion in 'Feedback Forum' started by Mojo, Apr 19, 2005.

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    eBay seller: finestdeals is a wholesale company on eBay and my expierence with them was very bad. i paid for my item with paypal the same day i used buy it now and found it wasnt in stock until 1 week after. so i called and the guy gave me an exact date when it will be shipped. i called them 3 times and left a message (didnt even call back). turns out he lied about the exact date when it was going to ship out, it was 5 days after the actual date he quoted me.

    item arrives, and installed by professional audio store. unit is defected. the cd drive skips, stops, and shuts off rapidly. i contact finestdeals with 3 emails, 2 phone calls with messages, no call back. i call during there business hours, they never pick up. i leave negative feedback after 2 weeks of nothing. he then has the nerve to leave me negative feedback even though i did my role as the buyer (paypaled same day and it was completed same day as well).

    his response was "fraud, swaped out new unit with his old". now wtf, he jumps to conclusions and makes up bs stories to earn his reputation. finestdeals = :down:

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