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    v. UK media

    Many feared dead after male student 'armed with explosives' opens fire at school in Finland

    By Mail Foreign Service
    Last updated at 11:49 AM on 23rd September 2008

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    Many people are feared dead after a male gunman opened fire at a school in Finland this morning.

    The male student, armed with an automatic weapon, is said to have started shooting at a catering college for adults in the town of Kauhajoki just before 11am (8am GMT) today.

    The Finnish news agency STT said that the school building was on fire and that the gunman possibly had explosives on him.

    There is confusion over whether the shooter is still alive.

    Is this the shooter? Grabs from one of at least four YouTube videos show a man firing a gun at a firing range. The location is said to be Kauhajoki and the videos were posted between three weeks and five days ago

    The videos show the same man practicing at the range over several different days. They have since been removed from YouTube amid speculation he may be the shooter

    The school in Kauhajoki where many are feared dead after a male student opened fire on other students

    The school in Kauhajoki where many are feared dead after a male student opened fire on other students

    The city mayor has reportedly said the shooter killed himself, though police claimed he had been arrested and disarmed.

    In a chilling echo of last year's Jokela high school massacre that shocked Finland, the shooter is said to have posted a video warning of his rampage on YouTube.

    Superintendent Jussi Muotio of the Kauhajoki police said the incident is over and police did not know if anyone had been killed. He declined to give more details.

    Reports suggested the shooter was known to police.

    Just minutes ago police said the gunman was still free in the building with the shooting continuing.

    "I just heard from the police radio that the shooter has been caught. He no longer has a gun," a police spokesman told the AFP news agency.
    Enlarge Kauhajoki is northwest of Finland

    Kauhajoki is in west Finland

    A Finnish journalist told Sky news that the student began shooting as exams started in the school.

    Finnish media said the YouTube clips show a young man wearing a leather jacket fire several shots in rapid succession with a handgun at what appears to be a shooting range.

    A search of YouTube yielded four videos filmed by a user who calls himself Mr. Saari, who said he was 22 years old and lived in Kauhajoki.

    The videos, between 20 and 32 seconds long, show a man dressed in black or dark colours, firing at a shooting range.

    The YouTube user's profile included the words: "And suddenly there was war and the mothers they screamed. For revenge and reprisals for another war."

    Another quote read: "Whole life is war and whole life is pain. And you will fight alone in your personal war."

    The postings were made from three weeks to five days before the shooting.

    They have since been removed.

    A BBC correspondent said the shooter had been dressed in black and carrying an automatic weapon.

    There were reports of at least one girl leaving the school covered in blood.

    More than 200 have been evacuated from the school, believed to be a catering college. Five police squads were said to be on the scene.

    Jukka Forsberg, a maintenance worker at the school, told Finnish television station YLE that several people have suffered injuries.

    The worker said a man with a ski mask went into the building with a large bag. Soon after, he heard shots fired.

    Kauhajoki is in western Finland, over 200 miles from Helsinki.

    The country is still struggling to recover from the horror of a shooting at a secondary school last year.

    The gunman in that incident, 18-year-old Pekka-Eric Auvinen, who was one of the school's students, also warned of his massacre over YouTube in a chilling video in which he said he would 'eliminate all I see'.

    He killed nine people: six students, the school principal and school nurse, and himself.

    Witnesses said the Auvinen had clinically walked from classroom to classroom at Joleka High School in southern Finland, selecting his victims before shooting them.

    The headmistress tried to stop him but he shot her seven times in front of a group of ninth graders.

    Terrified pupils jumped for their lives from windows before the Auvinen shouted: "This is the start of the revolution" and shot himself in the head.

    Before that the country had not experienced a school shooting since 1989.

    Kauhajoki has a population of 14,596 and covers an area of 1,315.46 kilometres. The vast area means there are just 11.1 inhabitants per square kilometre.

    Finland has one of the highest proportions of gun ownership in the world, with some two million guns in a population of five million.

    vs US media

    Several' die in gun rampage at Finnish college
    Teacher reportedly sees 10 shot; possible link to YouTube video probed
    Image: An aerial view of the college in Kauhajoki, Finland, where a gunman went on a rampage
    A gunman shot several people at this college in Kauhajoki, Finland, on Tuesday.
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    City Of Kauhajoki / Lehtikuva via AP File

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    updated 7 minutes ago

    HELSINKI, Finland - A male student shot dead several people at a college in Finland on Tuesday, local authorities said.

    The shooting spree occurred in the town of Kauhajoki, about 180 miles northwest of Helsinki. According to local reports, there were about 200 people in the building when the 20-year-old student started shooting "around himself".

    Kauhajoki Mayor Antti Rantakokko told Reuters that "several" victims had died in the rampage.
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    The Associated Press reported that police said they had disarmed the gunman. Superintendent Jussi Muotio of the Kauhajoki police confirmed that the incident had ended.

    Finnish television channel YLE said a teacher witnessed at least 10 people being shot. It also reported that one college worker spotted a man wearing a ski mask carrying a large bag enter the building before the shooting began.

    The Finnish news agency STT also reported the school building was on fire and that the gunman possibly had explosives on him.

    Kari Saarinen, chief physician at Senajoki Hospital, about 40 miles from Kauhajoki, said hospitals in the area were on full emergency alert.

    He added that he was unsure about the number of victims, but believed there were several — some wounded, some dead.

    Finnish media said video clips on YouTube of a man firing a gun appeared to be linked to the shooting. In one of them, a young man wearing a leather jacket fires several shots in rapid succession with a handgun at what appears to be a shooting range.

    The posting was made five days before the shooting and the location was given as Kauhajoki. The posting included a message saying: "Whole life is war and whole life is pain. And you will fight alone in your personal war."

    The user also posted three other clips of himself firing a handgun in the past three weeks.

    Columbine link?
    Clips from the 1999 Columbine school shootings in Colorado were listed among his favorite videos.

    Police could not immediately confirm whether the postings were linked to Tuesday's shooting.

    The shootings happened almost a year after a gunman killed eight people and himself at a school in southern Finland.

    Pekka-Eric Auvinen, described by police as a bullied 18-year-old outcast, opened fire at his high school in southern Finland on Nov. 7 last year. He killed six students, a school nurse and the principal before ending his own life with a gunshot to the head.

    Finnish investigators have said Auvinen left a suicide note for his family and foreshadowed his attack in YouTube postings. That attack triggered a debate about gun laws in a Nordic nation with deep-rooted traditions of hunting in the sub-Arctic wilderness.

    With 1.6 million firearms in private hands, the Nordic nation is an anomaly in Europe, lagging behind only the U.S. and Yemen in civilian gun ownership, studies show.

    'Peaceful place'
    The government said after Auvinen's rampage it would raise the minimum age for buying guns from 15 to 18, but insisted there was no need for sweeping changes to Finland’s gun laws.

    Speaking to the BBC, Finnish journalist Timo Huowinan described Kauhajoki as a "peaceful place where you could never believe something like this would happen".

    Kauhajoki is a municipality of 14,000 people located in the province of Western Finland and is part of the Southern Ostrobothnia region.

    This is a breaking news story. Please check back for updates.
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