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  1. Okay, so does the PC IPOD come with a fire wire?
    Okay, I think it does, but it said I needed a firewire card, does my computer come with one, do I need to buy one? How much?
    Please help me, thank you
  2. Someone, answer please. I bet other people would like to know the answers to.
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    your PC probably dont have a Firewire card. so you do need one. go to ur local computer store
  4. how much are they, I searched hella stuff, like bestbuy anmd outpost, but it didnt work.
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    The iPod itself does not come with a firewire adapter, you'll most likely need to buy one. I've got a 10GB Mac iPod, a Western Digital Firewire card, and I'm running Windows XP Pro with Mediafour's XPlay software. It's fantastic.

    Well worth the $500 :)
  6. wait, so whats mediafour xplay software?
    Is it a mac simulator?
    How much is a firewire card?
    Whyd you get it for mac if you have a pc?
  7. Oh yeah, why does it cost 500, I thought 10 gigs cost 399
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    xplay is a piece of software that allows you to use a Mac-version iPod with Windows. If you got the Windows version of the iPod, you don't need it. A lot of PC people got the Mac version for one of three reasons:
    1) For a long time Apple only sold the Mac version. They only recently started selling a PC version.
    2) The Mac version has a couple more features. Nothing to get excited about - for example the Mac version can play AIFF files, while the PC version cannot. Also, you can actually boot a Mac computer from the Mac iPod. I think there are a few more differences, but don't fret - all it takes is updating the software on the iPod to switch it from Mac to PC or PC to Mac.
    3) xplay does more than just allow you to use an iPod with Windows. Most notable is that it allows Windows to read disks that are formatted for the Mac.

    As far as a firewire card - they vary in price, but you can get a card that gives you firewire and USB2 for $100, so a plain old firewire card shouldn't cost very much.
  10. Oh yeah,
    Should I try installing the firewire card, I have 0 to little expireces with hardware, I think I tinkerd with my cable modem but thats about it.
    Should I take it to compusa and have them instal it, or should I give it ago?
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    Its not hard installign a PCI card into a comp.. just open the case, remove the peice that covers the slot, plug the card in and screw it in..

    boot up your comp (after putting the case side back on) and install..

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