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    My roomate was telling me that it is legal to carry a firearm of any type in your vehicle, as long as it is not loaded. Is this true? Is it a state law (Oklahoma) or federal?

    Which brings up another question. What if I wanted to carry a concealed weapon on my person that was unloaded. Would I have to get a concealed weapon permit? My guess is yes. Im not old enough to get one anyways.

    Thanks for the responses.
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    hey, while you're out checking the laws, check the definitions, too. because here in georgia, "loaded" means having both the firearm and the ammunition within reach. they could be on opposite sides of you, and two feet away, but that's possibly in reach. so, usually, unloaded would be in the rear passenger compartment or cargo area.
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    I see. I wasnt personally planning on doing this, but my roomate was this summer. He goes to Texas and does internships, and feels unsafe or something? :dunno:
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    Laws governing modes of carry are made at the state and municipal (city/town) level.

    Any place i've ever heard of consider the gun itself to be the weapon, regardless of whether it has bullets with it, so i would put my money on your needing a license even to carry unloaded. (of course the purpose of that is beyond me, but if we're just talking theory here anyway... ;) )
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    depends on what state...

    unless you have a concealed weapons permit, most states will require you to keep your weapon unloaded and packed away in a case not within reach. You can still get into LOTS of trouble if caught with a unloaded weapon in your car un permitted.

    as for carrying it on your person... again depends on your state. For example, in the State of Oregon you can carry a loaded weapon on your person unlicensed as long as it is visible i.e. cowboy style on a belt holster you could legally walk down the street with it which is the extent of that. Otherwise to carry a concealed weapon legally, you will need to be licensed, then you can carry a loaded weapon on your person or in your car anywhere with the exception of Federal Building/Properties and most schools. Some private properties like Malls may also require you to remove your weapon while being on their premises, even with a concealed weapon permit you can still get in trouble entering private property that has it posted concealed weapons are not permited and if you pay attention at most major malls, you will probally see the sign at the entrances. Schools are another place that have similar rules where a concealed weapons permit wouldn't apply.
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