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    Ive been getting this error now when i try to access my gmail account on firefox 1.0. i was running 1.0PR until earlier this evening. could access gmail fine after that. i changed the 4 things to enable the http pipelining. then i installed the "youve got gmail" plugin for trillian 2.0 pro on trillian 3.0 pro. thats when i got this error. now i cant access gmail in firefox. the gmail plugin for firefox can still see the messages in my inbox, and i can still get to my inbox via IE.

    i tried removing the trillian pluggin, i tried reverting all the changes for the pipelining, i even ran the install for firefox 1.0 again hoping that would fix it.

    any ideas short of uninstalling ff and reinstalling, including all the settings, bookmarks, extensions, etc? (i really dont want to have to do that)



    never mind

    i ran a program called crapcleaner and one of the things it fixed was whatever was making this error.
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