first detail with the porter cable......:) 2000 toyota camry le v6

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by xxpanipuri, Jul 10, 2006.

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    2000 toyota camry le v6
    original paint job
    160k miles on it
    SHIT LOAD OF stone chips on the front bumper and hood but thats cuz of my commute...

    had some paint that rubbed off on it from last yr when i rubbed the mirror against the side of the garage...all that came out here's what i did...

    shitty camera phone digicam is in the shop gettin repaired....... but u get the idea..

    wash with meguiars auto body shampoo/conditioner and clay at the same time
    then used 3m rubbing commpound with a light cutting pad on the DA polisher to take out some paint that had rubbed off from the side of the garage
    then went over the entire car with meguiars #7 show car glaze with a polishing pad on the DA polisher
    then applied meguiars NXT tech wax by hand and buffed by hand...
    meguiars endurance shine tire shine on the tires! :)

    came out good!


    and the paint is smooth as a baby's ass! :)

    man i don't know how i lived without this thing for as long as i did..makes it so much easier...

    now in a month i'll just apply another coat of nxt wax so it'll last for a while longer..

    the pics don't do it justice....they are from my treo 700w camera :)



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    that's right the pics don't do any justice :hs:

    but if you say so.. :)
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    Blehhh at bringing an old thread back up, but how well did the PC do with the paint chips? I have the same problem but think I might as well repaint. :hs: Nonetheless I already ordered the PC :dunno:

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