first impressions on the alpine CDA-9831

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by boostin-gp, Apr 10, 2004.

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    Take it out of the box to put it up on display and the first difference you notice is that two of the RCA outputs are actually on the radio chassis on the back of the radio. In recent history IIRC they were all on seperate wires coming out of the back of the deck.

    Anyway... standard Alpine stuff until you power it up. The harness for it is the clear one. Alpine only uses the black one if you have the Vpower 60X4 internal amp is what it looks like. Which means unfortunately you'll have to anty up the extra money for the CDA-9833 if you want THAT internal amp. Same cage from last year. Motorized face too!

    Flip the CD player over and admire the face. BEAUTIFUL face. Way better than anything they had last year. It just looks classy in person.

    Get it all powered up, and it powers up with the button colors the standard alpine green color. Here's the cool part... hit the menu button once, and turn the rotary knob. 512 different colors to change the buttons to. My only quabble is that it only changes colors on the 4 buttons that are immediately to the left of the rotary knob. All of the preset buttons and other buttons on the deck stay the standard green color. Regardless... VERY nice feature. Also very nice is that this thing has a dimmer AND contrast control. Alpines in the past always pissed people off because the display/buttons were too bright.

    Other than that, the menu functioning and audio controls still have quite a learning curve to understand how to use them correctly. It's very similar to the CDA-9813 in that regard. But if you're looking for awesome sound quality and the color changing feature, this is a VERY nice deck to go with. MSRP is 399.99, and most retailers including Circuit City SHOULD have them in stock. That cd player is in circuit city's ad this week, so we are required to have them up to demo.

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