GUN First match is in the can...

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by texchef, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. texchef

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    ...and I had a BLAST. No pun intended. Weather was great, COF's were challenging and everone there was cool as shit.

    I had a couple of procedurals though:

    1. failed to capture a loaded mag on reload
    2. Loaded 12 instead of 11 (miscounted)
    3. Didin't have the "baby" behind cover enough

    Two things i noticed after today that i need to change:

    Concealment shirt I worde didn't work too well. It was kinda windy outside and my shirt blew with the wind and got in the way.

    I need to change the front sights to a fiber. I need something brighter to see. Bright outside+dark safety glasses=harder to see sights.

    Don't know my scores yet but will post when i get them. No one was taking pics so that sucks also. One guy had a clip-on camera that took video...I WANT ONE. If anyone knows where to get one let me know.
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  2. sprite

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    May 20, 2003
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    MI, USA

    This was an IDPA match? I get FTDR's galore when I shoot IDPA because my brain is always in USPSA mode.

    I usually just keep a charging mag in my pocket for the +1 to begin a stage. Who caught you on the extra round... RO or other shooters?
  3. texchef

    texchef Guest

    It was IDPA. RO caught me on the extra round. It was stupid cause i didn't count as i was loading. The loaded mag drop bothered me more than anything. It was a "reload as needed" round and i wanted to make sure I had a fresh mag to finish rather than shooting to slide lock. Oh well.
  4. jeepilot

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    I shot a 3-gun match yesterday as well. I'll make up a thread here in a bit about it, and post some pics. Sponsored by CMMG. I had a great time, even though it was A LOT of waiting around.
  5. texchef

    texchef Guest

    They moved us along fairly quickly. We only had about 12 guys so that helped as well.

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