First time I have been happy with dating in a long while. *cliffs*

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    There is this girl who she and I met through a friend at the end of last semester before Summer came. Throughout the summer, I didn't have any feelings for her, in fact I was going to hook her up with a friend of mine (long story short - he is too passive, never acted on it). We kept in touch, at least as what I perceived to be friendly, and school came back in session.

    This semester we were hanging out in groups a ton. I always thought she was pretty, but for some reasons, I didn't act on anything. Still, I was semi-flirty and knew how to playfully bust her balls. I didn't realize I was doing it, but the flirtatious nature of what I was doing started to change how I, and I suppose her, felt for the other. She was always looking to take care of me, even when I was sick, and always referred to me as a friend. One time she told me I was "such a nice guy for a Northern boy" and I said "don't call me a nice guy, I hate it". She asked why, and I told her "I had a bad experience with being called that' (aka friendzone :big grin:), and she said "but I like nice guys." I didn't realize it, but she was probably hinting at something.

    I started to get feelings for her, and I knew I had to do something. After a long party where she tried dancing with me, sat on my lap, playfully hit my arm a million times, followed me to when I temporarily went to a different party, asked me for her and I, alone, to get food after the party and dropping everyone off, and her trying to make me jealous (I'll spare details, if you want to ask I'll share), she had some alcohol left in her, so I brought her to my place. I knew I had to act, so I tucked her in, and kissed her on the cheek.

    The next morning, she folded my blankets, and left me a voicemail saying "hey sweetheart thanks for..." etc. Later that night, she texted me, and after a bunch of pretty funny texts, she and I decided to chill at her place and she said to bring a movie. We got a cigar, a bit of food, and after doing our thing, watched a horror movie together. We cuddled at times, I kissed her on the cheek once, it felt nice. After the movie, we laid and talked for a little, and then we sat up and made some food late at night. Again, skipping details, I told her that I wanted to take her out, and, she surprisingly said "..yeah I wouldn't mind that..

    I was shocked, she always referred to me as a friend. And I asked her, and she said "I never closed out the possibility of dating you." Clearly, me being myself was right, and I didn't have to try for this one. Then, she admitted that after I kissed her the previous night, she texted her gay friend asking him what it was about. He said it right, that I was into her but didn't want to make it awkward. I said, "Well, if we were to date, the only thing different, since we are friends, would be the I would have to kiss you haha," and she laughed and I said, "You know what, lets try it out," so I laid a kiss on her.

    Pulled back, both smiled, and I went in for one more, she pulled back. But, she said it isn't because of me, it's because she just ate peanut butter. She went upstairs to get me a blow up mattress for me to sleep on, and after I laid down, she tucked me in as well. In a cute voice, she said "good night!" and kissed me on the cheek. I looked at her, took her hand, and she laid on me, and we made out for a solid 10 to 15 minutes intensely. Dry humping, some touching, etc. I don't think she wanted to rush anything because anything more intense she wasn't completely down for yet, but she was moaning and was really really into it. After, she was out of breath, and said "okay, wow, I was not expecting this...I knew something would happen, but, wow". I smiled, said good night.

    Next morning she woke me up. Another Rachel texted me asking me to Church (and she knew I don't like this girl) at 8 AM, and I told her that in an annoyed voice. She said, "Wow, you like Rachel's...[you have] that religious one, the accent one a few weeks ago, and your favorite one, me!" I laughed, and told her she looked real pretty in her red dress. After a few minutes of me being a lazy morning person under the covers in her cold house as she sat over me and was smiling, I got up, and she drove me back to my place. I did not brush my teeth in the morning since we were in a rush, and I wanted to kiss her when we got out of the car, but I played it safe and gave her a hug.

    That night, she wrote on my Facebook wall about a song we were blasting the previous night in the car. I responded, and she replied under it laughing. The next day, she texted me. I decided to call her up, left a message, and she called me back pretty quickly. We chatted, had a pretty good convo, and I finally asked her out. She said she had lab till 8:30, and I said "well how about 9:30?" and she said "that works! I'll call you when I'm out". And, I was pretty happy, so we both had a cute-awkward rushed goodbye :mamoru:

    Tomorrow is the date. I'm very happy because I legitimately like this girl, have fun with her, and, more importantly, I am myself around her and she likes it. She has great morals, a great personality, and is pretty. Surprisingly, she's an inch taller than me (and I'm a shorter guy), but it's no big deal.

    Just felt like sharing :)

    Cliffs: First time I ever am going to start dating a friend who I actually dig. Everytime we've hung out the flirtyness escalated, and recently I was at her place where I flat out told her I wanted to ask her out, she said she'd be down, we kissed, and then some time later we intensely made out. Gave her a call, no issue setting up the date. And, I like her personality more than anything.

    Cliffs for bros: Got with a friend who I like. We're doing a date after she said she'd do one. Great girl.
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    Congrats, sounds like you were never "friends" with this girl, and she wanted your balls all along :big grin:

    So all in all good work, but you didn't quite make the epic jump from friend zone to relationship zone.
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    Thanks a lot. I sound like a chick writing this, but, hell, this works. There's a few more interesting details.

    1) The party the night before I stayed at her place we were hanging out with a few of her girlfriends when they started to talk about some guy. This was after they said that Rachel (the girl I am into) has to play hard to get. I asked why they were laughing, and it was because when Rachel was texting the guy they called him 'the RA" and they laughed because she always said "the RA is hot." They work together. One of her friends then said to Rachel, "'re going to have 2 there?" and Rachel gave her the finger. I didn't understand it, but in retrospect maybe it was to make me jealous. At the party she was basically on me rather than him. After we left and were getting food, she said "so what'd you think about him?" and I said "I don't know, and I don't care". The next night, after we had what I wrote in the OP, I asked her about him and told her that he was one reason I was a bit hesitant to say something to her about dating. She said, "Oh, he was trying to holler at my other girl friend," so I suppose she was downplaying him.

    I hate how pussyish I may have sounded, but clearly it worked out well. It was the only "pussy" thing I said to her.

    2) She said that when she drinks she gets more flirty, but I don't buy it - I've drank but I dont' get more flirty than I already wanted to be with someone, I'm just less inhibited. She said this before I told her about dating and before we had fun. So, maybe she was resistant about admitting something until I told her what I wanted.
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    Small update, she texted me again today :) Got flirty, and I wanted to play it cool so I ended the convo first. I'm still a bit roughened from my past relationship and dig this one so I don't wanna do something too stupid.
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    cool story.

    What do you have planned for your date?
    And I don't see this as you were friendzoned in the beginning, semi friends yes, but it always seemed like she had some initial interest in you to begin with.

    Good luck.

    p.s. Girls do get more flirty when they my experience anyways. I've seen a girl literally jump and tree trunk hug a guy when she was tipsy/drunk vs. being sober and admitting how much she HATED that exact same dude.
    Alcohol........hell of a drug.
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    We're going bowling, and I plan on driving to a local lake to make ice cream sundaes together. A little whip cream on the nose may do wonders :naughty: Thoughts?
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    Just wanted to give you guys an update: We had our first date and it went extremely well. All the good signs on all accounts happened. And, to end it well, she actually gave me a kiss on the cheek (after a series of normal kisses) and texted me a bit after with "Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for tonight...I had a really good time :) night!"

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    Not sure. We're still early in the dating, and I don't want to get too ahead of myself. I actually want to take this one slower than my previous relationship - sex on date 1 bit me in the ass later on (don't ask). I think it's better to know the person before anything happens.

    When would I like it? A few more dates.

    When will it happen? Not sure...she said that her ex had sex with her after a few months, but she isn't sure if she could wait that long this time around.
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    Good stuff bro. Take your time with fucking, but flirt and tease the shit out of her, it will make it that much more intense when it happens.

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