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Feb 19, 2005
Boca Rotten, Florida
Well I have had my camera for almost a week. Still trying to figure out how to set my Shutter speed, Aperture, and ISO to get the right exposure so far out of 150 shots 3 or 4 are pretty good. This is the last 2 pics i took one is just more zoomed out.



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Dec 13, 2003
Beautiful South Orlaaaaaaando
a little pelf, that spoon looking thing is distracting since it's out of focus. looks like you focused on the stain glass but nothing else. bump the aperture a little to get a wider depth of field in focus. not bad for a first timer, I've seen worse :dunno: good luck!

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Jan 29, 2004
UC Santa Cruz
tell a story with your focus..

it seems like the focus wasnt thought out, from my viewpoint atleast.. the photo has potential at a glance but when i really look at it, it just seems like you walked into your bathroom and snapped a picture, i just dont care.

the object on the wall is interesting (i like the contrast of it against the light on the wall) but its out of focus so I assume that its not the point of the photo and my eyes wander to the window, but the objects are blown out and slightly out of focus so my eyes continue to wander but there is nothing left to see.. so then i see it as a whole and again come to realization that its just some random bathroom with nothing interesting really going on besides light coming into the room from a window....

i know you are still trying to get the hang of all the buttons and settings and its really tough to keep the actual art in your head when its full of technology, but dont pick up bad habbits now that you'll have to correct later...

when you have time, take it (and considering this was probably shot in your bathroom i'm sure you have plenty of time). think out every shot. that way you wont be shooting 300 pictures only to have 2-3 that you like... i know some people get away with it these days with the digital age, maybe its cause i only shoot film. but out of every roll i usually get 6-8 shots that stand out.

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