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  1. Sephiro

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    I was curious. Let's say you work out your biceps right. And then maybe a few hours go by, not even, and you flex, just out of habit, just to see it. I heard that flexing a muscle while it is still in repair/healing/rebuilding actually slows down or somehow deteriorates the process, thus lowering your results. Is this true? Help a n00b out.:wtc:
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    stop worrying & spend the time it'd take you to reply to this thread eating.
  3. Sephiro

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    lol ok. well im replying but eating at the same time. so there. is it ok to workout ur abs every other day? i know they repair quicker than other muscles. just curious cuz most of the ppl i see that have buldging six packs are the guys who say they do 8 billion crunches and fuck their grandmother every other day or every day.
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