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'I did it for my dream': YouTuber fractures skull leaping off Austin bridge

Mark Dunphy
Nov. 30, 2020


A YouTuber was hospitalized last week with a fractured skull after jumping off an Austin bridge into the Colorado River.

Saa Fomba leaped from the Pennybacker Bridge on Nov. 23 and spent several days in the hospital. He posted a video of the stunt Friday with the title, "I Jumped Off A Bridge, Now My Skull Is Fractured."

"Hopefully this video motivates you to chase your dreams," Fomba tells viewers, while wearing a patient gown and wincing in pain.

The footage shows Fomba climbing the bridge's arch, high above the Capital of Texas Highway and the water below. A woman records from the banks of the river as he holds his arms up, then leaps into the air.

Fomba hits the water with a loud crack and takes several seconds to resurface. A nearby boat pulls him from the water and takes him to shore.

First responders responding to an "unknown" call after the jump transported Fomba to St. David's South Austin Medical Center, according to CBS Austin.

Fomba told his audience that he was on "day three" in hospital. He said he could walk but had suffered a fractured skull.

"I didn't do it just to do it, I did it for my dream! To be a successful YOUTUBER," Fomba later wrote on Instagram.

"People are texting me, 'Is it worth it?' No one wished to get hurt," Fonda said in the video. "But it's always worth it chasing your dreams."

:bowdown: Truly inspirational :bowdown:


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Honestly surprised he didn't die. How deep is that part of the river?
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