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    life styles post (poor man's lifestyle) since the main forum doesn't like me to post recipies and what not, SO..... without further ado, I'm going to post some simple recipies that have gotten me by when I was supporting me and someone else and only spending $100 a month on food. (damn the leeching bitch /tangent)

    "healthy" ramen (not really healthy, but you get some greens and protien in there, and plenty of leftovers.)


    4 packages of chicken flavored ramen noodles
    3 frozen chicken fillets
    2 cups of frozen peas.
    assorted herbs and spices.
    lube (my term for oil/butter/margrine to keep food from sticking).

    frying pan
    big cooking pot.

    defrost chicken and peas and start to boil some water for the noodles.

    place chicken in the pan and fry with some lube.

    brown the chicken on a medium heat and set aside for a minute.

    add noodles to the (now) boiling water, and then cut the chicken into slightly smaller than bite sized pieces.

    nuke peas till done. about 2 minutes, depending on how defrosted they are.

    when noodles are done cooking, drain out all but about 1/2 a cup of water.

    add pre-packaged chicken "Flavoring" and chicken and peas to the pot with the pasta and remaining water.

    mix around thoroughly and then serve.

    this usually makes about 4-5 servings for a meal with other parts (salad and some kind of side dish) or would be 2-3 servings as a stand alone dish.


    probably the most nutrition per dollar you'll get in a dinner style recipe:

    1 lb of beef (or chicken)
    1 sweet onion
    2 bell peppers (I use red and yellow)
    sour cream
    shredded cheese (I use american, montery jack and cheddar)
    soft tortilla shells
    olive oil (or pepper oil if you can afford it)

    crushed red pepper
    black pepper.

    aluminum foil
    Frying pan
    paper plates (easy cleanup)
    Preheat oven to 350F
    ziplock bag

    cube up the onion, and cut the peppers into thin strips and then the strips in half again (more towards being bite sized). spread the chopped veggies on a 2' long strip of aluminum foil. add some (about 2 table spoons) oil and oregano/basil to taste. wrap veggies in foil and place in oven for about 10 minutes, or until the veggies are as soft or hard as you want. (the oil is for flavoring purposes, so if you have veggie oil, I'd not put it in there).

    if you're using beef (which I like to use, as I buy it in bulk when it's dirt cheap and freeze it), cut into thin strips, and then tenderise. my preffered prefference of tenderization is to put it in a ziplock bag and the proceed to pound the shit outta it with my fists (yea I have issues :fawk: ), but you can use any blunt object you have lying around- a hammer or even old text book works great, just don't forget the ziplock bag ;)

    after the meat is tenderized, I then season it up with the paprika, crushed red pepper, a little salt, some fresh ground pepper, and some basil and oregano (don't over do the oregano, it can be pretty over powering).

    with a HOT pan and the stove on high, throw some lube in the pan and then sear the beef, about 10-15 seconds per side. this will seal in the juices, and keep the natural flavor of the beef from being cooked out. I like my meat rare to medium-rare, so I just throw the beef on for about 10 seconds each side and call it cooked, but if you don't like the risks of rare meat, sear each side on high, then reduce the heat to medium and let it cook for about a minute or until done by your standards.

    if you're doing chicken instead of beef, just lube up the pan, and cook it THOROUGHLY, and season the chicken after it's cooked.

    once the meat is done, cut it up into bite sized pieces, and set on one of the serving plates. also, at this time you'll want to get out the lettuce and tomotaes, and procees to shred or chunk up the lettuce and also dice up the tomatoes. set the those on the serving plates too.

    by now the veggies in the oven should be done, so take them out, unwrap and set on a serving plate along with the sour cream, cheese, salsa and tortillas.

    set out buffet style and let people create their own fajitas to their liking :)

    the amount of ingredients I listed makes about 5-6 fajitas, and usually 2 alone will fill a person up.

    Cookies!!!!!!! simple chocolate chip cookies, real easy to make. I don't remember how many these make, as last time I ended up eating all the dough :hs: I think you can get 3 dozen 4" cookies outta this recipe.

    1 1/2 sticks of softened butter
    3/4 cup of granulated sugar
    1/2 cup of brown sugar
    2 table spoons of vanilla
    1 egg
    1 1/4 cup of flour
    2 cups of chocolate chips (these have LOTS of chips, so you might want to back this off to 1 cup)

    2 baking sheets
    mixing bowl

    to soften the butter, just let it sit out to room temperature (or nuke it for about 8 seconds). once the butter is soft, "cream" it. basically use the mixer on the butter till it's pretty creamy... kinda like grits that are starting to set after being out for a while (ban analogy, but that's the creaminess)

    then while stirring the creamed butter add in both kinds of sugar, continnually mixing/stiring until you have a nice and even mixture. add vanilla, egg, and flour, and beat in. you might want to start mixing this slowly so as not to make a huge mess, but then speed up the mixer and beat until you get a nice cookie dough like texture.

    fold in the cocolate chips, until they are evenly distributed. when folding, take your spatula, and basically lift a portion of the dough up and turn it on top of it's self. you're basically burying the chocolate chips in. usually folding's only important when working with an airy mixure, like well beaten eggs, so as not to destroy all the air bubbles you put into the mixture.

    lube up your baking sheet and put small (about 3/4 size of a golf ball) balls of dough on the sheet spreading them out pretty well, as they will spread. usually I can fit a dozen on a sheet

    back for about 9 minutes (until they are JUST starting to turn brown) and let cool for a good 15-20 min.

    you should now have some nice, soft, gooey cookies to enjoy.

    if you don't like soft cookies, you can reduce the butter to one stick and cook for an extra 2-3 minutes, or until brown. once again, let cool for a good 15-20 minutes before trying to remove them, as they are still "cooking" until the return to room temperature.

    Biosalad! salads are a quick and easy way to get your greens, and they are fairly cheap as far as ingredients goes. this is my own special recipe, hence Biosalad as the name

    Romaine lettuce
    fresh spinach
    red cabbage
    sunflower seeds
    raspberry/red wine vinegrette
    parmesean cheeze
    red onion

    small pot/pan
    large mixing bowl

    chop up the lettuce into small pieces, and shred some of the cabbage mix well in the mixing bowl.

    pour a good amount of the vinegrette into the pan and simmer over medium low heat... the idea is to reduce the amount of water in it, making it more potent, and also to heat it up so that it will cook the spinache a little bit (makes it easier on your digestive system).

    while the vinegrette is reducing, chunk up the tomatoes and mince the dates. I usually use a ratio of 1 date for every 1 tomatoe I use.

    mince up the red onion. usually, I use a 1/8 an onion for every whole tomatoe.

    mix tomatoes, onions and dates in with the lettuce mixture. then take the reduced vinegrette off of the stove and pour over salad, mixing thoroughly. serve into bowls/plates and sprinkle sunflower seeds (cheap at samsclub). grate parmesean over top of salad and serve. :bigthumb:
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    Not exactly a healthy diet.. but good on a low budget
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    si si

    but it is a LOT healthier than what most of my college buddies are eating on the same budget.

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