For all you Busa end clip.

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Hpower281, Jul 12, 2002.

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    I'm not a big Busa fan, but this clip is pretty cool. Notice how fast he's going when he sets the front tire back down.

    Busa top end run
  2. Guest

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    he has changed his gearing, and his speedo is reading high. This has been debated over at SBN for a long time. Basically at anything over 180 or so the highway lines are one big blur,
    also notice how slow the emergency vehicle turn around goes by.
  3. car54

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    After watching this video several times and really thinking about what is wrong with it, I truly believe he has a very fast modified busa with a 180mph speedo, and replaced the faces with his own that read up to 220 like the early models. This would easily account for a 40-50mph error, and any gearing changes would further account for the "unbelievability" of the video. I believe this video is the result of some brilliant folks who just wanted to impress. :bigthumb:
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    180mph or not, it's still tight
  5. car54

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    and I fully agree.
  6. KingGargantuan

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    Oct 4, 2001
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    laff... look at the speed of the dotted lines passing him.

    As fast/slow as they were passing by at 120, I see that every day driving 65-70 on the highway.

    No way he was going as fast as his speedometer said.

    PUREVIL More Money Than Brains Croo

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    I do agree that his speedo it way off! I mean it just burries the needle at 220! Yea right, if it COULD go 220 it wouldnt get there in a flash of an eye like that, it would have to build up to that speed.

    But one thing I noticed is that the rider does have it tapped out in 6th which should put him in the 180 to 185 range that stock governed Busa can achieve, unless he messed with the gearing too. So saying hes going only 120 to me is not true, saying hes going 220 is not true, saying hes going well above the speed limit is VERY true! HAHAHA

    I know what 166 (speedo indicated) feels like and but I never paid attention to the road lines or any of that shit. I know for me it was scary as smooth and quite nice, it wasn't until I looked down and saw 166 on the speedo did I get scared!
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    Again, the 99 busas aren't governed.
    also, the 2k1 speedos only go to 185. The 2k's and 99's go to 220. So it could be a 99.
  9. J812MANY

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    That's SuperKaos, my buddy's ex-wife's husband. He's only doing ~185-190MPH yeah, the speedo is off. The bike WILL do a wheelie up to 140MPH without a problem, its INSANE!

    I just put a G20 off a Mitsu on my buddy Nick's Bu last week (made 409HP at the rear wheel), should give SuperK a run for his money. He's toped it out at 224MPH on that same road (US27) using GPS. He's going for the world record in Maxton next month.
  10. MWHC22

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    that vid is fake, shit wasn't flying buy fast enough to be over 200 mphs, not too many bikes can anyhow. It didn't sound like he was at 12500 rpms either, and when was the last time you saw some one drop the front tire down that hard at 150 mphs. Maybe it was kmph? :dunno: anyway at that speed the front tire should have drifted down slower because bikes can't hold it up as easy at higher speeds. anyway you put it though that vid was pretty cool but has been staged or messed with somehow.

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