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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Renegade, Jan 17, 2004.

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    I have a few questions as I am a newbie to overclocking. First,

    I have a Pentium 4 Northwood 2.0A Processor with the Asus P4T-E mobo. What I did was went into my bios and it allowed me to change the settings to 2.2ghz from the stock 2.0ghz. This improved my cpu and memory score in pc mark. Now to the question,

    How Can I continue to overclock this chip to higher speeds, what software etc.. do I need, since bios wont let me go over 2200mhz?

    For the Northwood 2.0A chip what are good temperatures to be at. Currently at 2.2ghz my mobo is running at 28 celcius where my processor is running at 38 celcius. I have 3 Fans running at 2700rpm's.

    What is a safe number for these values: These are the current values with the 2.2ghz overclock:

    +3.3V Voltage= 3.34
    +5V Voltage=5.02V
    +12V Voltage=11.97

    Thanks for the help, and off-topic, I have a non overclocked athlon xp 2600+ chip but its running awfully hot at 55 celcius, is this right for athlon chips, do I need to add another fan?

    Thanks for the help!
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    go to and then the forums.
    You will find a specific forum got that MOBO and info regarding voltages.

    Good luck!

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