for sale Socal: los angeles mr2 1988 supercharged

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    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica]avus blue 88 supercharged SoCal
    1988 supercharged mr2 ~140k miles located in Los Angeles CA.

    pictures found here ->

    Recently painted with Avus blue BMW paint, only tiny chips in the paint. This car has seen no accidents, and when it was repainted all door dings and other imperfections were fixed. This mk1 has a cleaner body than 99% of the mk2's out there.

    The mr2 is fitted with a Toysport front lip that really enhances the look of the front end on this car, the stock side skirts and spoiler are in perfect condition and show no signs of aging. The headlights are mercedes xenon headlights that really light up the road ahead of clearly.

    The car is lowered about 1" on eibach sportline springs with factory replacement struts. An 86 front strut bar was added in the frunk for a little more stability. The stock factory rims with factory spec tires have a decent amount of tread on them and would not need to be replaced for several thousand miles.

    The odometer reads 140k miles, but driving it you cant tell the age on it at all. The clutch was replaced by the previous owner at 120k miles, and still has tons of life. The engine burns no oil and gets great mileage that i have noticed to be above 26 mpg on average. The engine is stock other than the trd headers and HKS exhaust which give the cars exhaust a nice tune along with a small increase in power, while still allowing it to pass smog in California. I have a test pipe that i have never put on the car that i will include with it.

    The interior is almost perfect. There is only one crack and it is on the small plastic vent in the center of the dash which could be replaced for a few dollars from a junkyard. The stock seats are in great condition. The car comers with a momo 13" steering wheel that is mounted on a custom machined hub. The headunit is from a 98 camry and is cassette and am/fm but allows for the addition of a CD changer.

    I have an autopower roll bar designed specifically for this car that has never been installed or bolted into this car that I will include with the car. This cage will help with chasis sway and may be neccesary for certain forms of track racing.

    A clifford alarm is installed, with remote that allows for locking and unlocking from anywhere within 50 feet.

    I am asking $3300 obo but will concider any reasonable offers or a trade + cash for a 5spd black mk2.
    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica]-only major problem is a broken windshield which can be fixed for around $100
    [/font][font=verdana, arial, helvetica]
    contact me with any questions or offers
    AIM: andrewkunkel
    email: [email protected]
    phone: (310)9954075x


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