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  1. I find that the thing that makes me more upset than anything, is someone else who wants to end it.. That is why I feel that I want to help people who are suicidal..

    This isn't me asking for help .. this is me wanting help helping a few people with this problem..

    I dated a girl for five years. I have always believed firmly that suicide was wrong for many reasons (which have to do with my lifestyle (the frice`) and those beliefs) Well. that girl (my childhood sweetheart, uniquess,) killed herself about a year and a half ago. Now I have found more reason to be ultimately against it. because of what it does to those who remain alive.

    So.. ask me anything and I will give you an answer as best I can.
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    I AM NOT supporting suicide by any means, but your statement "because of what it does to those who remain alive" seems kinda selfish - either the suicidal person remains unhappy, while those around them are "happy"; or they do the deed, are hopefully free of their pain, but the people that were in their life are left unhappy.

    Where is the happy medium, or any medium for that matter?
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    I kinda believe your post in general is wrong. Based on your beliefs and thoughts you sound as if you pity those who find happiness through suicide because they don't experiance the same joy as you in a way of your beliefs.
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    back at the deepest, and darkest moments of my depression, I found something that for me at least triggered a moment to stop and think about what I was contemplating.

    many of us have "faith" of something afterlife, but really, nobody KNOWS it. There is some uncertainty. The statement I had read goes on to talk about a relief from pain being a human/physical experience. And in order to experience that relief, one must be alive to do so.

    In my twisted world, that made a lot of sense.

    and yes, there is that guilt of what it does to others around me that care about my well being - I couldn't ignore that thought, or that there are so many people that depend upon me. If I didn't have those people, I might not care as much about my own wellbeing, or march to healthiness.

    Reminding the depressed that they are needed, and wanted, even if it's a reminder that their absence would be heartbreaking may seem like a guilt trip that the depressed don't need - but for me at least, it's actually a reminder that I have value to others besides myself. :dunno:
  6. There is no excuse in ending your life. No matter who you are or what your reason. There is always a way to get rid of what is bothering you, unlatch yourself from your unhappiness and just be around people that want to make you happy too.. Or just have someone else kill you.. *shrugs*. I posted this for people who understand.. Not for boneheads that try to prove to be so damned humanitarian.

    No I don't pity anyone. I just think suicide is retarded & pointless. So why not do something for someone who is thinking about it and hopefully at least attempt to play some part in stopping it?

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