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  1. im looking for something with good midrange, and hard hitting bass that isnt distorted. i dont need the best anything, i just want it to sound nice.

    my buddy has a Pioneer DEH-P6400 head, 2 12's boxed in a glass box and a Pioneer 600w amp in his tahoe. he said he paid about 600 bucks for it total with installation, and it sounds really nice, just what im looking for.

    i drive a 93 ford explorer, and the speakers really suck in it. they cackle when turned up loud, but everything is stock. would a new head fix this problem?

    what kind of a setup do you recommend? im a 16 year old HS student with not all that much money :(
  2. PS. set-up im thinking is:

    Pioneer DEH-P6400 up front
    2 Pioneer TS-W3041C 12's in a sealed box
    Pioneer 760 watt amp

    probably eventually replace the stock speakers. how would this do?

    what would you recommend to swap into the place of the kinda like to keep it pioneer if the rest of it is.

    with kick panels and truck is a stick, so i dont know if the clutch makes a difference in them.
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    So you want to spend 600 dollars right?

    Are you going to install it or get the store to?

    Kick panels are probably out of your budget.

    How set are you on buying the stuff locally?
  4. 1) in that neighborhood

    2) if ordered from online, myself - if bought at someplace like best buy, they can do it.

    3) ok

    4) see number 2

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