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    I fed the page to google translation there is the click to see original at the top if anyone wants to try and translate it better, but here it is

    Shortly after the tragedy if to abate on the University Technique of Virginia, in U.S.A., the Internet was fulled of notice, stories and explanations on the indizível of the drama. Much people if still questioned on the reasons for the tresloucado act, in the Facebook - one of the popular services of fóruns of the Internet - a research with the words key “Virginia Tech University” already presented to the head appeal it to the permission to carry weapons in the university campuses. Objectivo: to stop “psychopaths”. The PortugalDiário spoke with its moderator.

    The North American Alex Newman has 21 years, is finalista student of Journalism of the University of the Flowery one, has license of weapon transport and defends that Technique of Virginia had been allowed the entrance of weapons in the University “would go to have somebody with one, that it knew to use it” and that could “stop” the shooter. At least, he says, would have “little people deceased”.

    In an exemplary Portuguese, whom it learned in the four years that passed with the father in the Brazilian city of São Paulo, the moderator of fórum “Legal Allow Guns on University Campuses” (they allow legal weapons in the university campuses) said to the PortugalDiário, in telefónica colloquy, that the solution does not pass for hindering the access them citizens the weapons and criticized the politics of the institution.

    “In a situation thus, where nobody can have a weapon legally, the insane people who want to make dull things, for example to kill people in the school, go to bring weapons, without if mattering with the law. But if he has good people, that they have weapons, that they know to use them, have a possibility to stop them”, defended.

    For it, exactly with a prohibition of venda of weapons to the citizens, who to want them “to kill or to make another thing that is against the law goes to obtain them”.

    “I Have license [of weapon transport], very know well to go off, know what I have that to make in these situations, the criminal ones go to get weapons of any form”, still added the student of Journalism, strengthening: “I think that the laws do not function, because the people afectam only who have respect law”.

    “We want more people with weapons”, solved, in such a way, the problem, saying that only thus the victims will be in foot of equality with the criminals.
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    :rofl: I love translations.

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