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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by maxpower, Jan 12, 2004.

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    Ok, so I am looking for what I thought would be something really easily found on the web, but I am having no luck. I am a layout guy, not a script writer. I know how to alter simple cgi for my needs and have always used simple for form processing.

    I need to set up a form with three fields (first name, last name, email) and have it write to a text file (txt, csv, doesnt matter). Every freebie form handling script I can find all send the results via email which I dont want...this is for a guestlist, so I want it to write to a file.

    Again, I am not a script guy or a programmer, so the solution needs to be fairly easy to customize...any help would be incredibly appreciated!
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    Cleveland Ohio would be a good start.

    Learning how to write a script would be the next best thing.

    Don't rely on That script is abused WAY too much by evil-doers.
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    obviously learning how would be the best way...if I had the time to do so I would jump on that option...and if I can find some script that does the job I will look through it all and begin teaching myself how it works, the same way I have with many other things.

    I will try in the meantime...


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