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    The main purpose of this forum is to provide a place to share sports information, discuss current sporting events, share stories, tips, tactics, and knowledge about poker, sports betting and gambling strategy. It is also a community for sharing stories of general poker interest such as progress in one's game, announcements and results of tournaments, sharing reviews of poker, sports betting, and gambling sites and books.

    Please abide by the following rules:

    Posting of links and URL's is restricted and must meet the following conditions
    • The poster must not have any vested interest in the linked site.
    The moderators will delete posts that do not follow the Forum guidelines. You will receive an explanation why the post was deleted via PM.

    Anyone with any concerns or interested in advertising rates can contact me directly by clicking on the 'Contact US' link at the bottom of this page. Thank you, enjoy the site, and please support it.
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