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Discussion in 'OT Bar' started by TigreTek, May 19, 2008.

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    1) The following is specifically forbidden by the official site rules and as such will also be enforced here:

    Excessive bashing based on race/sex/gender/sexual orientation. Excessive/repeated trolling. Failure to maintain overall good fellowship/camaraderie, AND/OR being consistently unpleasant to other OTers, AND/OR constant negativity.

    Please realize that this is meant to keep discussion in the forum civil. You are most certainly entitled to your opinion and are free to express it. You are not free to repeatedly bash/insult/flame others.

    2) Blatanly non-mma, combat sport, or cage crew related threads/posts will likely be moved to the appropriate forum (Off-Topic).

    Expected common courtesy:

    1) Threads containing spoilers should have "***spoilers***" in the thread title and should not contain actual spoilers in the title. Official threads will probably have spoilers with no warning. Don't bitch.

    Mod Contacts:

    We are always willing to privately discuss the moderation of the subforum. Please contact us to discuss any issues you may have or problems that may arise.

    IntheWorks: via PM
    TigreTek: via PM
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    Any and all complaints about the threads/posters/members of this forum should be directed to the mods of this forum first. Do not come to a Supermod with issues concerning this forum without first bringing the issue to the moderators of this forum. If you do not consult them first and get their opinion on the matter, we're likely to ignore or ban you.

    They're the mods of this forum for a reason.
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