found a mk3 Jetta Vr6

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by DJ Cripsen, Mar 21, 2005.

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    Well Ive been looking around for a new car lately since my '86 BMW 325e is starting to piss me off. I went out yesterday looking for a car and spotted a '97 jetta vr6 with 99k miles. The car is on a sketchy lot. Its small lot with older used cars, and the owner is spanish with spanish coworkers. I test drove the car. It seems to run pretty well. The only problems I found were rusty exhaust (most likely from NJ road salt), Front right tire has a wierd bubble in it. And the rear passenger window doesnt work. Other than that the car ran smooth and shifted fine. I used to own a 98 vr6 gti so I really miss the VR power, but I am not looking forward to paying insurance for it ( runs high for only 170hp). I checked the carfax and it came clean. Im going to have a mechanic check it out tomorrow. Pics for later if I end up buying it. Oh yea best of all the price is set @ $4300. I think I can talk him down to $3900.

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