FOX wins lawsuit by arguing no reasonable viewer takes Tucker Carlson seriously.


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Mar 24, 2016
The house that hate built.
A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit against Fox News this week after lawyers for the network argued that no “reasonable viewer” takes prime-time host Tucker Carlson seriously, according to a new court file.

The case was brought by former Playboy model Karen McDougal, who said Carlson defamed her on her show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” saying she extorted President Donald Trump “from about 150 000 dollars in exchange for his silence on an alleged affair “theirs.

The Fox News Network in turn asked a federal judge to dismiss McDougal’s case, arguing that “Carlson’s statements were not statements of fact and that she did not sufficiently allege genuine malice.”

McDougal said two of Carlson’s statements during an episode of his show on December 10, 2018 were defamatory, according to Thursday’s ruling by U.S. District Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil:

  • Carlson’s claim that McDougal “approached Donald Trump and threatened to ruin his career and humiliate his family if he doesn’t give them money.”
  • Carlson’s assertion that McDougal’s actions were “a classic case of extortion”, which is a crime. “
Fox News countered McDougal’s claims by claiming that Carlson “cannot be understood to have stated facts, but instead is expressing an opinion using hyperbole to have effect,” the ruling said. “The defendant contends that the use of this word or a charge of extortion, absent more, is simply” vague, figurative or hyperbolic language “which does not give rise to a complaint for defamation. ”

The judge agreed with Fox’s premise, adding that the network “argues convincingly … that given Mr. Carlson’s reputation, any reasonable viewer” arrives. with an appropriate amount of skepticism “about the statements he makes”.

“This” general tenor “of the show should then inform a viewer that he” is not stating real facts “on the subjects he is addressing and that he is instead indulging in” the hype “and” non-literal comments “” indicates judgment.



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Oct 8, 2007
That's crazy! I'm gonna have to take up for him though. He may be a total douchebag, but he does have a very punchable face.
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Aug 6, 2010
That’s a dangerous legal precedent for a Judge to set, really hope the decision is appealed. It’s a fucking news show.
Judge might have been following precedent already set in a recent lawsuit involving Rachel Maddow.

(I'm going from memory so I'm probably getting some details wrong.) She had said that OAN was "really, literally, Russian propaganda" because they employed a reporter who used to work for RT. OAN sued and lost because the court concluded that she was exaggerating and not intending to be taken seriously.
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Oct 27, 2003
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You have to have a chin that extends a minimum of 2 inches from your neck to be taken seriously.

Ruling stands. Tucker is a circus freak and cannot be taken seriously.

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