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    So this weekend I must say has got to be the most eventful weekend of my life ever!

    Saturday I woke up at 6:30 to go to school and take the ACT for my 2nd time but this time I took the writing portion as well and got out at around 1:15. After I finished that I drove down to my friends house to pick her up and we headed off to Colorado Springs to pick up our other friend and then to go to Hallow Freek'n Ween in Denver. So everything's going fine for the first idk, 2 hours or so and then I get pulled over... yeah cool right? Especially when I'm 18, in a different county, and going 25mph over. So I got a speeding citation and I need to show up at the Golden courtroom December 18th to decide how royally fucked I really am... So then I keep going and get to my friends at UCCS and we get some glowsticks and head to Denver.

    So we get to the rave and it's intense. We get to the door and they say guys on the right, girls on the left, no chap stick or outside drinks, no drugs, no weapons.... basically don't bring anything in that isn't a camera, glowstick, cellphone, or wallet. The place is already packed because it's already been going on for the last hour and a half. It was in this old theater somewhere in Denver that had the seats in lower level taken out for dance room and then the balcony had some seats and there was an outside area to cool down and smoke. So we make out way into the main area on the lower level and it's just PACKED. Tons of people, some already tripping their balls off and we dance a bit but nothing too crazy. I just do the whole rocking back and forth thing because I am really self conscious when I first start to dance and then after an hour or so I am like fuck-it and take off my shirt.

    I was under the impression that I wouldn't find any gay guys really here. I mean I found a few but they had their boyfriend with them. This one couple we saw outside in the smokers area and one of them was totally a flamer. He had wings on with knee high fuzzy things and black underwear with black and white ribbon wrapped around him. He ended up pulling some chap stick out from his underwear and gave it to us for us to try out because he loves beeswax apparently. Totally funny haha. So then my two friends and I are dancing in the balcony and by this point I've totally let go, shirt off, going crazy, dancing like I don't give a shit and then this one guy comes up with his shirt off and asks my friend if I'm her boyfriend. She tells him no and then he says that I'm hot and sort of walks off. My friends are all "Go get him! don't let him go!" but I knew I would see him again at some point. So eventually we make it back down to the main level and then with in a few minutes we were surrounded by gay guys and I was sort of like :eek3::hsugh: because ALLL of them were hot and ALL of them were checking me out and guess who was there? Yeah the guy who said I was hot and had his shirt off. I pretend I don't know he's there but start to sort of back up into him and "bump" into him. He puts his hands on my waist and we start to grind.

    So this guy and I are grinding and he starts to feel my chest and I grab his ass behind me. He then leans over my left shoulder and I look up at him and we start to make out. Totally amazing, keep in mind this is my first time doing anything with a guy and the first anything I've gotten in over three years. So that's where it started hehe... So then I reach between him and me with my left arm while my right is still grabbing his ass and start to feel his stomach and the top lining of his pants and he starts to feel around my crotch and traces his fingers along the top part of my pants. I then put my hand a bit down his pants, just a small amount and then I he tried to do the same but my drawstring for my pants snagged so I quickly took my hand off his ass and pulled the knot undone. Luckly it was just a single bow and not double knotted. Anyway he then reaches down my pants and grabs my dick and I do the same to him. So here we are in the middle of this rave with our hands down each others pants and making out with both of our shirts off and I am just not paying attention to anyone else. One of his friends comes up and is like yeaaahhhh and my friends got really excited and decided to give us some space and he asks if I want to go outside so I do.

    So he's up against the wall outside and I'm leaning into him and we're making out with his hands on my ass and his friend walks up again and starts talking to us and stuff while we're making out. The guy I currently have pinned to the wall asks what my name is and I told him Chris as I start to make out with him again. His friend thought that was just too funny and honestly I do too because here's this guy that I've gone farther with in 5 minutes then I've gone with anyone in 5 years and we don't even know each others names. So then I ask what his is naturally and he tells me Scott. So we move over to this other wall and make out some more and talk in between. At one point he had his hands down the back of my pants on my ass pulling me into him which was amazing. Anyway this one girl comes up who is apparently from Aspen as well who I've never seen before and is like awwwwww my gay people! You town are so cute together and then she hugs us and walks off haha.

    At this point it's been probably 20 minutes and I felt bad for leaving my friends so I got his number and told him I had to find my friends I came with and left. I found my friends and they were happy for me and when i was gone one of them kissed this girl in a bumblebee costume haha. We ended up staying at the rave till about 3 and all of us were tired and our feet were killing us so we headed out. I saw Scott a few more times over the night but we were heading in different directions every time so we just grabbed each others hands as we walked by. Then we drove back to my friends dorm at UCCS and passed out.

    Then today we got up, got food, went to a rave store, music store, sex store, and then I had to start heading back home because from UCCS it's about a 5 hour drive aaaannnddd now I'm here. Oh I told my mom about the speeding citation and she's fine with it really. We're just going to see what happens.

    Soooo yeah that was basically my weekend and like I told my self I would I didn't take any drugs at the rave =)

    Here's the only video on youtube I've found of it so far but I'm sure more will show up over the next few days. I'll get some pics up once I get them on my comp.


    EDIT: oh and for those of you who didn't see the "Post your picture" thread this is what I wore
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    Glad you had a good time, sorry about the ticket though!

    On another note, why is chapstick not allowed? Oh yeah and that dude was correct beeswax is the best shit ever or cocoa butter!
  3. Congrats on getting some. Sounds like it was fun.

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