free cable tv when combining with internet cable

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by BobyYoo, Mar 22, 2002.

  1. BobyYoo

    BobyYoo Guest

    i dont know if it is illegal to ask this question here...

    I heard from some people that if you subcribe to high speed internet cable... you can take the cable wire and use a splitter...and plug one to your computer and one into your TV, and you then have free cable tv

    only pay for internet...

    is that true??
  2. BobyYoo

    BobyYoo Guest

    so you're saying MOST... so probably the one in Canada does not...i heard from 2 people... so it is probably true for the canadian provider which is Videotron
  3. JazzHound

    JazzHound Guest

    VideoTron sucks.

    For Rogers it's cheaper for them to just charge you 10 extra bucks for the cable service.

    For instance. If you have no basic cable service and subscribed to @home, they'll offer you cable for $10 extra. First I've heard of the video signal trap scenario, but what I've said was coming from a few people I've talked to in Toronto.
  4. BobyYoo

    BobyYoo Guest

    i live in Montreal, and we only have Videotron
    the only deal we have is if we have cable tv, we get $10 off with the internet cable
  5. chibi

    chibi Guest

    just take out the filter... go look at where the cable lines are directed on the outskirts of your home/apt.. the cable line should be connected to some type of filter.. just unplug the filter and connect the two lines back together.. i know they do this for cox communications.. but im not sure with others.. but hey.. its worth a try...

  6. chibi

    chibi Guest

    what are you talking about?? haha.. im at my friends house in irvine right now.. all he did was just unplugged the 2 lines between the filter and stuck the two coaxils back together with a 50 cent adapter.. worked like a charm.
  7. flynfrog

    flynfrog Cool isnt Cheap

    Jul 16, 2001
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    or get the tool from a warehouse :o i have said to much al ready

    to bad i dont ahve cable tv or internet but my dsl will be free
  8. BobyYoo

    BobyYoo Guest

    it is worth a try
  9. twofaze

    twofaze H.N.I.C.

    Jan 19, 2001
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    Fort Worth, Tx USA
    on the flip side.....
    jus hypothetically of course, i would never do this..
    but coud a person wit cable television use the cable to work wit a broadband modem n hav free broadband....
    hypothetically of course, jus curious..
  10. DragIIcivic

    DragIIcivic Guest

    I'm a broadband installer in VA, we always trap out video signal if the customer is not paying for TV.

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