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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by The Big Eye, Sep 27, 2005.

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    Hey guys who do freelance work in web design or graphics design. Just a few questions regarding the business.

    When you meet with clients for the first time, do you have prewritten contracts that you and client sign when work is agree upon?

    How about deposits, what is the proper and most professional way to ask for a deposit? Should that info be covered in a contract or be seperate, written up on an invoice?

    I ask because in the past ive just verbally agreed about deposits and payments with clients, but now that I'm getting more professional clients I want to know the proper methods to go about recieving payments and deposits.

    Thanks for any help.
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    I would have a pre-meeting with the client to let him know to be prepared for the meeting, ie, get the necessary materials and have a good concept of what he wants done, and if he doesn't know.... have him reference a few websites that he likes. There's nothing worse than wasting what feels to be endless hours because you have a clueless client.

    During the first meeting I get all the specifications and provide him with a budget. Usually during this step they try to cut a couple of pages out or hose down the page, but as long as you stick to your story and you know what you're talking about you could nail them for as much as you're worth. Once I get the specifications I tell him that there's a $500 deposit (varies depending on project, but 80% of the time that's how much I go for) and he will have some agreements and contracts to sign. Then we are off on our merry way.

    I will e-mail him, or mail him the contract and terms of agreement, additionally a budget sheet with the pricing matrix and breakdown of his entire website so he knows what he is paying for, inside the budget sheet I also give him a timeline. Attached with the budget sheet is an invoice for $500 with the initial deposit, and another sheet breaking down the prices again with the added deposit.

    Once he returns me his materials along with the signed contract and agreement, we begin development.

    It really depends how you handle things, I find this method (for my company) best because it is very specified and laid out very clear for the client to see, because clients will always try to manipulate your word, and since you have signed documents to prove him otherwise, bring it up because he can't say shit.

    You have to stand your ground as well, these mmalacious fuckers will get as much out of you as they can. I've been manipulated by them multiple times, then I started doing things a bit more professionally. My last client is constantly doing it, I just tell him that he would have to fill out a Change order form and we'll modify the budget sheet and resend it to him for sign off, and he doesn't follow through with it. :mamoru:

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