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    Will it hurt?
    Short answer: yes. It's not a terrible pain but they definitely do hurt. It's more of an annoyance than anything. Everyone's pain tolerance is different and some spots will hurt more for some and less for others.

    How much will it cost?
    This depends on a few things: shop rate, size of tattoo, placement of tattoo and artists speed. Most shows charge an hourly rate (average $80-$150 per hour) and some charge by square inch. Your artist should be able to give you a good estimate on how long it will take and how much it should be.

    How long does it take to heal?
    Average healing time is 7-10 days, again everyone is different so it could be less or it could be longer. Good aftercare will insure that you heal up pretty fast.

    What should I put on it?
    I've always recommended and used just a plain unscented moisterizing lotion such as Aveeno, Curel, Lubriderm or Keri. Some artists also recommend A&D lotion. I wouldn't recommend anything like polysporin or neosporin as these are medicated for an infection and if you were tattooed at a reputable shop you won't have an infection.

    My tattoo is lighter in some spots and missing color in others. What should I do??
    Go see your artist. I don't know of any artist that doesn't offer at least 1 free touch-up to their customers. Sometimes spots get missed and pigment falls out, this is a normal thing with tattoos and nothing to worry about.

    I think my tattoo is infected. What should I do?
    Go see your artist first. You may not have an infection at all but if you do your artist can let you know. He'll probably recommend you to see your doctor but it's always good to check with them first.

    Should I get this tattoo? Will it look cool on me?
    The only person that can decide on what to get and where to get it is YOU! You have to live with this forever (or until you get it lasered off :mamoru:).

    Can I bring a design with me? Will the artist draw something for me?
    If you have an idea of what you like it always helps to bring it in to the shop. Artists like a visual reference so they can get a better idea of what you want. They will draw something for you if you choose to ask them. Some artists charge a small fee for this and some just ask that you leave a deposit for your appointment so they aren't drawing for no reason.

    Should I make an appointment or just walk in?
    This all depends on your artist and what you're getting done. If you plan on getting a larger sized tattoo it is always good to make an appointment. Not all shops accept walk-in clients. Some artists are booked up months (and sometimes years) in advance.

    Are tips acceptable?
    YES YES YES! 90% of artists out there work on a commission basis and tips are greatly appreciated. I always say tip $20 for every $100 you spend. Food, CDs and art are always great tips/gifts as well.
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