Fresh Install of XP randomly wont boot

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by shanker, Jan 16, 2004.

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    I just installed XP on a new 80 gig drive I bought, before I go further, here is my config:

    Primary IDE

    Master: 80 Gig Western Digital (New Drive)
    Slave: 80 Gig Western Digital (MP3/Porn Storage)

    Secondary IDE

    Master: Kenwood True 72X
    Slave: 52X CD Burner

    Onboard Raid

    Primary Master: 80 Gig Seagate (more porn/mp3 storage)
    Primary Slave: Old 40 GiG drive (used to be primary IDE Master)

    Secondary Master: Poineer DVD player
    Secondary Slave: None

    Now when I did the install, I unplugged all the other HDD so the install would know that my Primary IDE was C: . When it required the FIRST reboot, It came up and tried to boot to the Install CD again (my first boot device is HDD0) I knew that was strange, so I Quit and rebooted, then XP did its first boot to the HDD and finished the Install, when it came around for another reboot, it did the SAME THING, except it took about 3 tries to boot up. So I hooked up my other drives and rebooted, then it booted up to my new copy of XP.

    I installed my Video & Sound Drivers, and now the motherfucker wont boot again.

    Is there a command I can do in the XP Recovery Console simular to FDISK C: /mbr????

    desperately needing help.
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    I could help if i was there.....:woot: Road Trip!!!!1

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