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    This is pretty much just a rant and frankly I'm not sure what to do now but I thought I might share it all with you and maybe get some insight into what went on. I'll try and keep it short. CLIFFS at the end.

    Background: This girl and I met about a year ago when she was dating someone else. So being the guy I am I backed off and didn't make a move but she told my friend that she was interested in me and at the party I noticed it too.

    Fast forward to about a month and a half ago. I called her up and started talking to her again, since I had a good idea that she wasn't dating that guy any longer and I had just gotten out of a short relationship the month before. I called her about twice and then asked her to go out on a date. She said yes but it would have to wait until about 4 weeks later when she got back from vacation.

    So this past Friday was the date. We met up and I chose a restaurant and we sat down and started talking. Now this is where stuff came up that I was just downright shocked about. In my mind I've been pretty clear that this was a date and I was interested in her. She starts complaining about work and her life which so far has been pretty common when I talk to her. Then she gets into her worst mistake of her life as she called it. She told me that when her apartment got flooded she got really depressed and went to see her ex and they slept together. I didn't know what to think but I knew I didn't need to know this on the first date.

    She then proceeds to astonish me even further with the fact that he asked her to marry him and she said yes. So great, here I'm thinking I'm out on a date with a woman thats engaged. So I asked her if she had the ring since I noticed she wasn't wearing it. She tells me that she has one. So I push on about why she wasn't wearing it and this is when she switches the story and says she gave it back to her ex. I figured this meant the engagement was off but I was curious about why the story changed and asked her why she said she had a ring but then said she gave it back. Well she got defensive and repeated that she gave it back.

    Now things take the final turn into no mans land. She finishes me off with the well with the baggage or my ex finance still around I'm just looking for a good friend that I can talk to about the things going on in my life. So I tried to deftly dodge the inevitable friendzone bullet and brought up our mutual friend who shes known for a long time and her best friend. Each with no luck. Oh she also decided that telling me about all her past relationships was a good idea. Oh she also loved to compliment me through the entire dinner about how she wished more guys were like me. The rest of the date was uneventful but I paid for dinner and foolishly went to see a movie with her on her request for which she paid. Rush Hour 3 was good but would have been better had I not just had the dinner I had.

    So I called her this morning to explain how I was feeling about being friendzoned and how I was looking for more than good friendship. She claimed to have no idea that that was what the date was about. She then calls our mutual friend up and tells him that she had no clue that I was interested in her and she is confused by the whole thing.

    I thought I had done everything right but maybe you all could see something I did wrong. Now that I think about it I probably know what you all will say just move and don't talk to her.

    CLIFFS: Interested in girl ask her on a date. She tells me shes engaged or not then immediately friendzones me.
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    Oh god , you railed in a demon here. Clearly she's a woman with excess emotional baggage in here, and since you are a guy with not a lot of experience with woman, i'll just tell you that she is the type of woman who makes terrible choices when it comes to men, and when she finally meets a good guy like you, she'll see ill intentions in your behaviour as she did with any other good guy that came into her life, and push them away. If you'd be an interesting but wrong guy like a maffiosi she would surely have more interest in you. This woman is immature when it comes into her decision making on what is the best choice on her possible life partner, her bad experiences have made her hate men to the gut. And if anything above else she'd expect you to make her happy, while she in return only has negativity to give. I'd throw this monster back into hell where she came from.
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    I just had this same thing happen. I went out with this girl a few times. She complained about her ex and how he is a looser and all that, and how she cant find a "good guy" and she wished more guys could be like me. So im thinking "sweet, finally, a girl that wants a good guy, this is gunna be easy" Ends up I get friendzoned after that so i stopped calling/texting her, Im not even going to waste my time with her.

    I know how you feel man, it sucks.

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