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Oct 9, 2002
China Town
I've sorta touched on this topic in my own mind a few times. I've done some self-reflecting and I've attempted to understand this whole psychological concept and focus its concepts towards my own mentalities, ideas, interests, values, understandings, etc. It's been said that the "friend zone" is geared towards a male audience about "dating advice." It refers to the situation where the female has begun to view a male as a friend only and not a potential suitor. Once this psychological classification has been made it becomes exceptionally difficult to undo.

Now what I'm looking for is a male perspective on a role reversal. I've tried to analyze how many times I've been "friend zoned" and its been a few, but not enough to make this a female focused concept. My point is, I find I "friend zone" females on a much higher scale than I've ever been subject to this psychological concept.

When I meet a girl, I first assess their physical and visual appeal, and if that passes my own ideals and values for what I view as acceptable as a mate I look to develop a relationship. It's almost instant whether or not I see this person as a perspective mate. Yes yes, many ppl view this as egotistical and that believing oneself to be better and more important than others is wrong. I say :nono: if there is no physical attraction, I don't find that any need for emotional attraction with the focus of facilitating a mate. Although, what I will do is develop a friendship, I instantaneously "friend zone" the person but will not negate them from a potentially valuable friendship because they do not meet my physical standards.

If there is a woman that I view as a potential physical mate and the mutual attraction occurs, I seize the opportunity and embrace it. I've also "friend zoned" a sexual relationship so that there was no risk of ruining the friendship if everything crashed and burned.

It could be a smaller percentage of males that follow in this female focused practice, I would like to know your perspectives on whether you've been the one to enact this concept > than your female counterparts, or if you've been subject to the "friend zone" > than the prospective females you've attempted to develop a sexual relationship with.

I don't want to hear about ppl who can not even develop social relationships with ppl, because you yourself are socially inept and are prob still a virgin so this thread does not apply to you because of it's sexual connotation.



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Jun 10, 2008
In all seriousness, this is how it goes:

1. Would fuck?
a) Yes -> we'll fuck but we probably can't be friends because she will get attached.
b) No -> does she have a decent personality/hot friends?
ii) No -> Screw you.


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Jul 11, 2004
I've got a shitload of female friends. All of which have been friends for years, slept with a couple but more as a kind of "hell we're both adults and need to get off" than anything else. Don't see the big drama.


Drinking on monday nights does not make me an alco
Jul 11, 2004
Having female friends, is not the same thing as being friendzoned... Most people in the Vag need to start understanding this.

Fair point, and I have friendzoned a couple of my female friends because I just felt there was no intimate connection which they thought there was.

Still, if I ever need attention and ego boosting I can just go to them :rofl:

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