A&P FS - 67mm Kenko Pro1 Digital CPL and Photovision 2008 DVDs

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    these are listed on potn, but i've got some special otap pricing here :h5:

    cleaning out my desk and i found a kenko pro1 digital cpl (same thing as the hoya pro1 digital) 67mm. since i sold my 17-50, i don't have a 67mm lens, so this is up for sale. i used it once, maybe twice and it looks basically new.
    $35 shipped

    next up is the photovision 2008 dvds vol 67-72. about 12 hours total of videos. pretty sure i hosted these all so people could download them, but maybe someone missed them or just wants the disks :dunno:
    SOLD ON POTN - at least its good for something :mamoru:
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