A&P FS: "BRAND NEW" CONUS ONLY!!! PocketWizard FlexTT5-Canon and MiniTT1-Canon

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    The reason I say BRAND NEW is because I was away for the Xmas holidays and needed to use my off camera flash and didn't have anything to use. I went to the closest camera store in N. Virginia (Penn Camera) and bought this set. By the time I got home, no one wanted to have pictures taken.

    I took it out of the box to see what they look like, but they were not even installed on my camera or on a flash. Not one click has been taken with these!!!

    They come with the box, warranty cards, original receipt from Penn Camera.

    I paid $420 + TAX for both a few weeks ago and I'm looking for $400 shipped. Payment to verified paypal account.

    Here's the links to the products...



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