A&P FS or FT: All my alienbees lighting

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    Want to buy a pro body. I need a 1dmkII or IIn in a bad way. Dont use my lights as much as i thought and changed direction with my work.

    I have for sale or trade:

    1 ABR800 plus 30" moon unit octabank
    1 AB800 (yellow) with all of the alienbee grids, 6 set of gels (comes with Carry case)
    1 36x48 dynaphos softbox cost me (89.90 shipped)
    2 chimera speed rings (cost me 80+ shipping)
    1 Tronix Xplorer1200 portable power
    1 LG4x alienbee power remote with 25ft power cables and telephone cables neatly bound.

    directly from ab's website
    ABR800 AlienBees Ringflash $399.95 ea. 1 $399.95 change qty
    then click B800-Y B800 Yellow Studio Flash $279.95 ea. 1 $279.95 change qty
    then click CF6 Set of 6 Color Gels $21.95 ea. 1 $21.95 change qty
    then click HGX4 Set of 4 Honeycomb Grids $99.95 ea. 1 $99.95 change qty
    then click LG4X Four-Channel Wired Remote $99.95 ea. 1 $99.95 change qty
    then click MU30 30-inch Moon Unit $59.95 ea. 1 $59.95 change qty
    then click UPC25 25-foot Power Cord $11.95 ea. 3 $35.85 change qty
    Grand Total:$1011.98

    the portable power cost me $315

    review of it here:

    for a grand total of $1507 with the accessories added without shipping.

    These items are barely used. used the portable power about 3 times. everything is in mint condition. Looking for 1350 plus shipping for the lot. Paypal add 3%

    DO NOT WANT TO SEPERATE.... Please do not ask. Dont want to ship in seperate boxes and what not.

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