FS or TRADE in louisiana / new orleans - 351 93 Mustang GT

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    1996 Prime-Performance Roller 351 windsor with forty miles on it. The block was Blasted, Tumbled and Magnafluxed. With current setup the compression is estimated at 11:1 - 12:1 (exact compression not known untill someone CC's the heads) Forged rods, Keith Black SilvOLite Pistons and Stock Crank (good for TONS of HP)

    Engine Accesories:
    Mellings hiflo oil pump
    ONLY felpro gaskets were used
    Ford Motorsports F303 cam (512/512/280)
    Edelbrock Torker II Intake manifold
    Holley 650cfm Polished carb #4150 (Currently on the car, Better for Gas mileage and streetability)
    Holley 750cfm Double Pumper carb (for track use)
    1.72 Crane Alluminum Roller Rockers
    1" Phenolic spacer
    Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Alluminum Heads fully helicoiled, and recently decked.
    Power crank pulley
    FRPP swap oilpan
    Edelbrock low profile airfilter
    TrickFlow Chromeolly Pushrods 6.25"

    3:55 gears
    FRPP alluminum driveshaft
    World Class T5
    Metal Clutch Quadrant
    NHRA approved 28oz Flywheel (explosion proof for race)
    Centerforce Clutch and pressure plate
    Hurst Shifter

    Ignition and Fuel:
    MSD Pro Billet Distributor (chrome :big grin: )
    autolite plugs
    Accel wires
    Holley blue Fuel pump
    Holley Fuel Pressure regulator

    KYB front struts
    CGS subframe connectors (Not installed)
    lakewood 90/10 rear struts
    4banger springs

    Sunpro Gauges
    GT Grant steering wheel
    Dunlop SP 8000's on rear
    Brand new Jet Black Convertible top from kalimaris
    Cherrybomb turbo mufflers
    Offroad Hpipe
    Shorty headers

    The story:
    I have been building this car forever, It started off as a 35k mile car that was in horrible shape, and I bought it just because it had low mileage. When I got it, the engine was blown, and the convertible top was destroyed.
    I have redone every single thing in this car, and it is finally ready to drive with some more work. Just so you know, the A/C works and blows ice cold and the P/S works. I was building this car to make as fast a streetable car as possible without sacrificing driveability. Anyways, there are a few things that need to be done before this car is complete. il list those now...

    Needs new weatherstripping around vert top, maybe some realigning of windows
    Drivers side lock froze, needs a new one.
    Needs a new dashboard and cluster (Speedo and tach dont work)
    Horn needs to be hooked up. Radio antenna needs to be hooked up again.
    Needs front brake rotors and pads need to be purchased/installed.
    Heater has been disabled.

    CAR NEEDS TO BE PAINTED I mean, its not EXTREMELY horrible, but it is in no way a show car.
    Lots of dings and scratches, but nothing that cant be worked out.
    AIM me at maz31337 for more info.
    the price will be Best Offer, open to trades.
    for pics go to http://parkingmanagementservices.net/bmfor...=name&order=asc

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