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    Cross posting from Yard Sale but it got no nods there...sold a bunch of stuff off my travel studio kit on other sites but thought I would give OTAP a try. Iitems purchased in 10/06 new from authorized dealers, original reciepts available upon request. Since I'm not going to have time to travel anymore in the next 2 years, hopefully I can pass this stuff to people who will use it. Condition of everything is like new and in original boxes, except the speedring as noted.

    Here's What's left...all offers entertained!

    $140 - Medium Photoflex Multidome w/ OEM bag and accessories
    $180 - Photoflex Softbox Grid for LARGE Softbox
    $10 - Lightgear Speedrings for Photoflex-AlienBees - got slightly mangled during transport back to MI, fully functional just ugly now =(
    $20 - 1 Background light stand
    $80 - Calumet Light Grey Background 12'x10'
    $100 - Westcott April Showers Background 12'x10'
    $170 - Pocketwizard Plus II Combination Transmitter/Reciever

    Also have a Ex+ condition Nikon 18-70DX sitting around that needs a good home. Bought the lens for my gf to use on my old D100, but I don't think it's ever been used, maybe a few photos of the dogs. - $230 shipped.

    Sony PSP in mint condition in original box with original unoppened acccessores. Games included: Lumines, Twisted Metal Head-On,Virtua Tennis, Hot Shots Golf, Untold Legends. Tony Hawk's Underground, Remix, Logitech Hardcase, NIB Pelican Facearmor and Disc Jackets - $230 shipped.

    Check, MO, Paypal okay (add 3%), shipped at your cost except noted, or local P/U in Michigan.
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