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    i did the bill star routine for a few months and i seem to have plateued. i think doing 5 reps for every lift is a huge part of this, and i had an idea for my own personal full body workout. basically i would deadlift squat and bench everday, and it would look something like this

    bench 10 reps
    squat 5 reps
    dl 1-3 rep


    Bench 5 reps
    squat 1-3 rep
    dl 10 reps


    bench 1-3
    squat 10
    dl 5

    i put 1-3 because i am still pretty weak and im not sure 1 rep max would help me much.. im guessing 3 might be more useful

    anyways id do these for about 4-5 work sets

    what do you guys think of that as the base of the program? doing the big 3 everyday just alternating loads

    for support lifts i would do

    incline decline db bench
    lat pulldowns
    face pulls

    what are good leg/back/ab workouts i could add

    and what days would be good to divide this stuff up on :noes:

    allthatshitbyme :wavey:
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