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    Well if I didn't know better, I'd say the economy is back in full swing. Prices are back to the precommunist era. Gun show prices are usually all over the place, but stripped lowers were going for ~$120-160. These prices seemed about normal, but way to high for the level of inventory they had. Everyone had boxes of stripped lowers.

    Ammo was extremely plentiful, but probably about double the best internet prices (which is normal). Magazines were still kinda high, but inventory was not as shockingly high as stripped lowers.

    I see a big drop in prices overall if inventory does move over christmas. Too many people ramped up to make AR parts in particular. They'll be giving away uppers/lowers bolts and mags. Too bad we didn't get more barrel manufacturers and more ammo.

    What annoyed me the most was how much chinese garbage was moving while guys selling high quality stuff where getting killed. I usually buy a CRKT at every show from one particular knife guy who's super nice and sells good quality stuff. He's normally got a couple tables full of stuff, but this year he only had a small table off to the side. Economy has been rough, couldn't afford much inventory, while the guys selling $20 off brand crap were doing just fine.

    I did see what I thought was a scar for sale. Also I played with the Kriss subgun.

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