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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by fst89lx, Jul 25, 2004.

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    I was at a party last night and some kids wanted to hear my system, its 2 ddaudio 9000D series 12's in a shared volume ported box tuned to I think 35hz with ~5cubes after sub/port displacement so ~2.5 cubes a piece. (it has been a long time since I built the box so I forgot)

    Anyway this is in a ford ranger supercab, the box has ~ 1.5ft clearance from the cieling of the cab, I had a kid tell me last night that my box is too big for my cab, taking up too much space and costing me spl, he tells me to put them in a 1.5cube SEALED box each w/ polyfill and that I'll gain at the least 5db :wtf: Also goes on to say that his single w6 in a 5cube ported box would be ~15 db louder if he cut the box volume in half!

    I just gave him the old smile and agree as I didn't want to get into it w/ him.

    Next the question... I have a kid interested in buying my stereo. As above its 2 ddaudio 9000D subs and 2 DEI 1100D amps. LOts of 0ga. wire, 2 dist blocks, and some 4 ga. wire. What is a good price to tell him if I do think about selling it?
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    Yeah that guy seems to be an idiot :o

    Of course maybe he was talking about you'd gain 5dB at something like 20hz, but I really doubt that.

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