FYI might be best to not wait too long to ship


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Sep 14, 2001
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I know many Santas wait and ship to get stuff to their elves closer to Christmas, or because they are waiting on deliveries to consolidate.

But, maybe this year, if you can ship earlier, rather than later, it may be a good choice

Stolen from a main forum post

If you're shipping an actual gift, you'll want to get it out by 12/14. On 12/15, per our contacts for my gal's business, trucks and shipments will be delayed and rationed as of 12/15 per UPS and FedEX. USPS will likely be overwhelmed as well so just a heads up to get your ish out early if possible.


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Oct 5, 2001
Howdy Arabia
This. I had stuff in a cart Thursday and waited until today and 1/3 of it went from Dec 18th or so to January. Keep in mind inventories are also affected by the shipping delays.


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Dec 6, 2002
The Woodlands
But also keep in mind that more personal items from your part of the country or globe can be delivered on time with a few extra dollars. Ya gots 10ish days to get that sort of thing delivered. They are saying 21st is best guess on last day. But also that the prices are going to go though the roof.

Just something to keep in mind.

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