Fyre Fest 2.0 - Private company establishes college for kids with no masks/social distancing WCGW


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May 11, 2006


College FOMO
You worked hard your entire life to get accepted to the college of your dreams and you deserve a college experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. These four years will be the only four of your life during which you will have the luxury of interacting exclusively with students of your own age from across the country and world. It is a community-building exercise that will remain with you forever. As colleges moved online-only this year, their students are being let down.

How We Can Help
At The U Experience, we refuse to stand by and watch this happen. The Experience is too valuable. So we are bringing it offline. We are gathering together 150 students from universities across the country into a bubble where they can live out the college experience to its fullest with total peace of mind. From private bedrooms and bathrooms to unlimited WiFi, 24/7 gym access, study lounges, event halls, a full restaurant and bar, outdoor pool, and all the coffee you could ever need, we are providing access to every amenity an e-student needs to succeed without compromising on fun. Campus clubs, guest speakers, rec sports, and study groups will offer ample opportunity for study breaks.

How We Are Doing It
Applicants will be vetted for social excitement
, creative individuality, and a desire to build a diverse network of friends from universities and backgrounds that would never have otherwise crossed paths. We are bringing together the best of college greek life, dorm culture, and study abroad in most inclusive forms. Weekly social events, guest speakers, and off-campus excursions will make our “bubble” feel like an entire world. Apply solo to meet 149 other new students, or apply with a group of friends who you’d like to share the Experience with. Choose fun this semester.

What We're Doing
The U Experience is a private company bringing currently enrolled university students together on a single campus, providing a community for students whose courses have moved online and would otherwise be taking them at home. With safety in mind, we’re creating a bubble where college students can come to live out the college experience with total peace of mind.

How We're Doing It
Unbundling the college experience is no small task. There’s a reason no one has tried this, but we believe it’s now possible for the very first time. We’ve partnered with hospitality industry experts to identify our ideal location, and our campus will operate according to a rigorous safety protocol. We’ve ironed out the plan, and all it needs is U.

Why We're Doing It
We believe that the price of college has made it inaccessible and unsustainable in its current form. It no longer makes sense. If college is just about learning, and technology has made information so inexpensive, then why has the price of a college degree skyrocketed? What are you paying for? The student debt crisis gives us 1.5 trillion reasons to champion a solution.

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Equinsu ocha say “he will harm you”.
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Jan 10, 2005
Washington D.C.
Natural selection finds a way.

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