G35's underrated

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by JordanClarkson, May 29, 2004.

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    This is not the same junk you hear on Honda forums about the Accord and S2000 being underrated (which they are not). The STOCK G35 sedans with the listed 260hp get roughly the same whp as the coupes and 350Z's with the listed 280hp and 287hp. Many G35's with the same mods also out-dyno 350Z's! Also, assuming 80-85% drivetrain loss (RWD), you can get 310-325hp at the crank with just I/E mods. That's pretty insane.
  2. Jza701jz

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    G35 is the closest thing to an R35 Skyline you'll ever see.

    It's underrated for a reason, Because people get the impression that Infinites are Luxury cars and are for touring and that happy shit, They are more or less sleepers, much like older supra's . People think they are just slow old cars ( new for the G35) Until they realize that both can certainly keep up with High Hp cars and are good for looks aswell.
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    When I had my G35 coupe in for service, they gave me a sedan loaner car. It felt faster than my coupe. I think they have no difference at all, it's all just marketing.
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    i dont think they are underrated at all, its my next affordable dream car
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    Yeah, people noticed that about the current Maximas and Altimas, too. They all have the 3rd gen VQ, and they apparently aren't as detuned as Nissan would have you believe.
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    sedans are still slapped together and drive like boats? eh
  7. waijai

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    The G35 sedan shares the exact same suspension as the 350Z & G35 coupe except for different springs/shocks.

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