Game engine: physics and the like or just graphics?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Cymric, Jun 1, 2007.

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    Hey guys, I'm just starting out in the graphics world...been programming for four years in all kinds of languages, but I'm going to be using C++ for (mostly) obvious reasons with the game I'm programming...

    I wanted some advice over a game engine, though. Do any of you program using the free engines? I would really like to do an engine that is both directX and openGL compatible, and I really don't feel like recreating the wheel on this one. I have read quite a bit of material on directX programming, and the openGL stuff I look at is usually the same thing, just simpler.

    I have looked at both Crystal Space and irrlicht in depth, and so far I've come to the conclusion that CS seems like way too much for me, as this is just a personal project. Irrlicht is nice, and all it has are graphics libraries, so I'm thinking I'll go with that one -- any suggestions or other engines you guys have experience with?
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    I'm not sure what your engine requirements are, but the latest stuff I've done was written with Ogre ( It has a pretty nice set of features. Plus, it's all open source and such.

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