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Dusty Busterson

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Sep 19, 2007
Las Vegas
Where do yall think games will be at ten years from now? Games today arent too different from those in 2000, except for much better graphics. Hell, games from 2005 still have decent graphics today. I think in 2020, games will no longer use a traditional controller, and will probably be more in 3D, with the release of 3D TV's recently. Holographic games? Id say theyre still 20+ years away.


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Jul 7, 2005
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By the early 2020's, we should have considerably more computational power, so I wouldn't be surprised to see rudimentary but acceptable virtual reality. It'll be limited in its freedom of movement and interactivity, but the experience itself will be exponentially better than what we have to play with today.

If the predicted timelines for the impending technological singularity are even remotely respected, we'll see some amazing shit in our lives...


Brain control, images projected onto your retina, so it fills your entire field of vision and a slightly different perspective into each one for a true 3D illusion.

Better physics, such as real material simulation and fluid simulation, much better AI that can approximate the difficulty of a human opponent with apparent intuition and foresight.

graphics have a ways to go still but I don't think you will see the noticeable jumps that we did from the SNES->N64->PS2->PS3 in the past, mostly just higher poly counts (or a better technique altogether), higher res textures, more texture layers to better approximate realistic surface lighting, more light sources (most scenes even in modern games are lit by only 3 light sources, it's extremely computationally limited)... I don't know what more can be done with pixel shading, it's pretty fantastic as it is, what more can be done when you can use almost any algorithm you can think of for the script?

MMO's specifically will boom, riding the coattails of the aging WoW, which is still the undisputed champion by a wide margin. I can only hope they offer more dynamic worlds, with constant events, possibly even user created events where users could have some limited or temporary control of the game world (think building things, moving around objects to setup an environment, stuff like that). For those of you who have played WoW, imagine a guild common area, where you and your guild members could directly control the objects in the area. You could set up a trophy shelf with trophies from boss kills, you could have various rooms linked to different ventrillo channels, you could buy various useful objects, like forges and things for crafting and have them right in your own guild hall... stuff like that I always thought was missing. This wouldn't be some virtual area off of the map that you get to with a UI command or anything... it would be a physical location in the world that other people could visit, if you allow them to.

Furthermore with MMO's, I would hope the grinding quests, collect X number of these things, kill Y number of these things, will soon be gone forever. I would love to see more meaningful content, perhaps added on a daily basis, perhaps even community driven. Imagine if guilds could host a quest of their design each day/week that is acquired by visiting their aforementioned guild hall, possibly in the form of some competition with some entry fee and a prize for the winner donated by the guild bank. Some sort of quest template would be used to create the quest, but done in such a way that the number of possible combinations would be nearly limitless.

I'm rambling, but I see so much potential for MMO's in the future beyond the pointless killing and gathering quests that you see today, the difficulty is allowing the community to create content without the need for formal knowledge of programming, scripting, texture generation, or 3D modeling...
I expect all sorts of sick shit. I want each AI character to have a fully functional artificial body complete with muscles and nerve endings. They'll react to fire in real time. They'll be wounded in a nearly infinite amount of ways. So on. So forth.

Imagine a game like Elder Scrolls with such a function. Being chased by a guard? Nail him in the shin with an arrow. He'd go from "STOP! YOU VIOLATED TO THE LAW!" to the Peter Griffin hissing-in-pain noise as he's curled up on the ground.

By then I'll be playing games for the lulz.
Oh, and 3D and all that shit.

Until they figure out that it causes cancer.
Hell, I wonder if we'd even have traditional controllers in 2020...

Motion capture might take off. Fuck. We'll all wind up looking like Star Wars kid in front of our televisions.


Oct 26, 2006
It seems like it peaked and everything is going backwards now...3D, crazy graphics, back to 2.5D, then 2D, then graphics back to old less real look. At this rate, we should see a followup to Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels by 2020
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Aug 15, 2006
I expect games in2020 to give me handjobs while im in the virtual world picking up hot women who are really fat guys behind their keyboard.

Istvan Kovacs

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Jun 12, 2010
BC, Canada
I'm not expecting much to change. The current trend for graphics to be all a games company has to worry about to sell games to retarded fanboys wikll continue, unstoppably until the point where computer simulated images are exact replicas of real life. That'll take another 5 years at leats imo. After that, then maybe[/i they'll start to focus on making games longer, new innovative ways to control them, until eventually semi-holographic simulations come into play, but I won;t be expecting that until at least 2025/30


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Feb 25, 2004
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By 2020, I expect us to have full 3D virtual reality with full 3D motion control. Controllers might not even be used anymore, or they might simply be smaller remote-like controllers that you hold in one hand or attach to your wrist to push buttons. I expect FPS games, survival horror, and games like Heavy Rain to be much more popular when you're controlling your character by moving your own body. I'm sure we'll even have games that you'll be able to control simply with your mind in 2020. Technically we have all of this now in some scientists basement, but I wouldn't doubt that it's going to be on the market in 2020. The video game genre will become more realistic and interactive than we can imagine at this time, and I'm sure that video game addiction will be a growing epidemic as our need to escape to an alternate reality will keep us itching like junkies as we watch that alternate reality become ever-the-more realistic.
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Jan 29, 2005
They will all be published by EA, Activision, or Nintendo

They will all have wagglin' motion control

One button

$100 for 1 hour of game play, with $20 for DLC

$50 a month to play multiplayer portion of the game.


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Aug 22, 2004
wii 4, 2020

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